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Kakheti is Georgia’s easternmost region and shares a border with Russia in the north and Azerbaijan in the south and east. The region, populated by about 407,000 inhabitants, is just over 12,000 km2 – about 18% of Georgian territory.

Kakheti consists of 8 administrative districts. Majority of the districts such as Akhmeta, Telavi, Kvareli, Gurjaani and Lagodekhi are located in Shida (Inner) Kakheti, while Sagarejo and part of Gurjaani are part of Gare (Outer) Kakheti. Sighnaghi and Dedoplistskaro Districts make up a separate Kakhetian land – Kiziki.

Kakheti is one of the most beautiful and diverse lands in Georgia. Its stunning landscapes include the snow-covered mountains of the Caucasian main range, with peaks reaching up to 3300 m and 4500 and curving passes; these lie side by side with fertile lowland – valleys and fields and even semi-desert areas of Dedoplistskaro and Sagarejo Districts. Kakhetian Caucasus strikes with its magnificence; it slopes steeply down to Alazani Valley making the landscape as gorgeous as it can be. Abano Pass – one of the several on the Caucasus Range connects Kakheti to Tusheti. Landscape in this unspeakably spectacular Georgian province is characterized with very special geographic features. Whoever has traveled to Kakheti even once in his life will always associate this province with good wine and welcoming hospitality – Kakheti is a land famous for viticulture and winemaking. Farmers grow many kinds of grapes here and are skilled at producing a wide variety of high-quality wines. It is said that every village has its own particular variety. 

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