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Tusheti Protected Territories

Tusheti protected territories are located in Northern Georgia, 250 km from Tbilisi, in the extreme north-eastern part of the nation, on the borderline with the Russian Federation (Dagestan and Chechnia). It consists of three categories of preserved territory – a state sanctuary, a National park and a protected landscape. Preserved territories cover Tusheti fully which is one of the notable and one-of-a-kind historical and geographic province of Georgia. Its total area exceeds 1220 sq.m (which is 1,7% of the territory of Georgia and 0,3% of that of the Caucasus).

Diversity of Tusheti natural environment, vertical staggering levels and well-formed natural barriers determine variety of wildlife, its unique and endemic character. Both in terms of quantity and quality of species Tusheti is distinguished in the whole Caucasus. Here are represented 1/5 share of endemics in the whole region.

From endemic species widely spread in Tusheti, there are: Tusheti aconite, barberries, bluebell (Campanula), Georgian nuts, starling (Pancratium), Tusheti rosehip (Rosa tuschetica), black or Radde birch (Betula raddena), arum (Fritillaria caucasica), primrose (Primula juliae), et al.

In Tusheti there are more than 200 species of fauna most of which are birds. There are many endemics as well, namely, East Caucasus aurochs, chamois and saiga, Caucasian snowcock and Caucasian black crouse. There is a lot of roebuck and wild boar in the forest, as well as wolf and brown bear can be found sometimes.

Tusheti is distinguished with specifics and unique character of historical and architectural monuments, folk handicrafts, traditions and ethnic culture, agriculture (especially livestock).

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