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Telavi and Batonis Tsikhe

Telavi is administrative and economic center of Kakheti region. It became a town in VIII-X centuries as the capital of the Kingdom of Rahns and Kakhs. From XII century when David Agmashenebeli annuled the Kingdom of Kakheti and Hereti, Telavi lost its importance and continued development as a small town. From 60-ies of the XVII century Telavi is again the capital of Kakheti Kingdom. From that period to this day Batonis Tsikhe (Master’s Frotress), ’Fortress of Vakhvakhishvili’, ’Korchibashvili Fortress’ and Old Fence have been preserved.

In downtown Telavi is located Batonis Tsikhe (Master’s Frotress) — residence of Kakheti with the area of 3 ha. Its territory embraces: the fence (constructed under the king of Kakheti Erekle II in 1753), Royal Palace (constructed in the 60-ies of XVII century by king Archil; in 1865 women’s college of St. Nino opened in this building and the Palace was remade into a three-level building; today - Telavi museum), bath (in southern part bathing room and boiler are preserved; walls of the bath were painted), and two churches (Small Church and Church of the Court of Erekle II, built in 1758, the latter being simultaneously a defence facility – it has gun emplacements). To the south-west from thr citadel, in tens of meters there is a big abutment (diameter – 14 m). Up to the forties of the XIX century a big 7,5 m length cannon stood on it.

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