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Resort Ujarma

22 kilometers away from Sagarejo, on the bank of river Iori, is situated historical village of Ujarma. To the North of the village, on the rocky range one can see surviving ruins (wall, towers, temple, royal palace and reservoir) of the Fortress-town dated III-IV cc. Town was built even earlier – on the spot of a fortress of II c. BC. In the V c. here was one of the residences of a great Georgian king, Vakhtang Gorgasali. In 502, deadly wounded in the battle against Persians, crown holder passed away here.
The most important natural resource of Ujarma is iodine-bromide therapeutic waters discovered by the geologists during drilling works in 1962. Hillocky territory of the resort is covered with rich deciduous forest. Geographic conditions of the venue shape up dry continental climate which along with healing impact of waters provides excellent effect in treating peripheral nervous system and cardiovascular system diseases. Since 1963 rest-house ‘Ujarma’ has been operating in Ujarma. In the hamlet of Mukhrovani, 2 km away from Ujarma, is a small salty lake where curing mud is available. There are two more resort areas on the Southern slope of Tsiv-Gombori range: Tsivi Koda (1600 m above sea level) with mountain climate stuffed with the fragrance of deciduous forest and good for curing respiratory organs, including closed form of tuberculosis and non-TB disorders, and Gombori (1165 m above sea level) where Outer Kakhetians and visitors to Kakheti like time spent in hot summer months. Deciduous forests and glut of sunny beams in the environment of low mountain belt climate attracts numerous holiday makers. Resort is recommended for treatment of bronchitis, lymphadenitis, secondary blood anemia.

1. Microzone of a legendary Georgian wine variety ‘Saperavi’ – Khashmi is situated in Sagarejo municipality. ‘Saperavi’ was given a name of ‘Devi’s Blood’ by the people (Devi – a giant creature in mythology and fairy tales). There is a fishing farm near Khashmi and Ujarma.
2. Mariamjvari State Preserve in Sagarejo municipality, on the Southern slopes of Gombori range, was founded in 1935 aiming at protection and safeguarding of a rare massif of relict Sosnovski pine-tree and conduct of scientific research. Its area is 1033 ha, Preserve includes also Korugi Managed Reserved Territory (2068 ha). On the contiguous territory cultural, off-road driving and walking tourism is well developed.
Location: South-Eastern slope of Ialno range
Distance: 22 km from Sagarejo, 55 km from Telavi, 35 km from Tbilisi.
Elevation from Sea level: 960 m
Landscape: mountainous, with succession of plains and plateaus
Climate: east Georgian low mountain climate, comparatively low humidity, with big swings in temperature, winter mild with rare snow, mean temperature in January 0 degrees centigrade; summer very warm, moderately dry, mean temperature in August 22 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 600 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 63 %
Duration of annual sunny light: 2000 h.
Natural treatment factors: climate of low mountains and hyper-thermal carbonate-hydro-carbonate-chloride sodium mineral waters with high content of bromide, iodine, silicon acid, methabromide acid and other elements with general
mineralization 8,0-10,0 g/dm3
Types of treatment: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal diseases, peripheral nervous and cardiovascular diseases as well as gynecological and inflammatory diseases

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