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Resort Sulori
Spa resort of Sulori is located in the Vani municipality, 11 km away from the center, on the banks of river Sulori (left tributary of river Rioni). This small river of 15 km has only two tributaries wherefrom comes its name – ‘Sul Ori’ (‘only two’ in Georgian). The resort has the same name as the river. The legend of Sulori mineral waters discovery came to us by means of a popular hearsay. It turns out that in wintertime when the surroundings here are covered with snow some hunters noticed vapor in a distance from the bank of the river. When they came closer they saw that at the toe of the rock, brook of warm water was flowing out. In spring they took to this place incapacitated young man and put him into the warm water. After several baths sick man could stand on his feet. The story of a miraculous healing engulfed the whole village. In Soviet times Sulori was considered the resort of local importance that hosted hundreds of holiday makers each season. Even today healthcare hotel here is still under operation. Near the venue of confluence of river Sulori with river Rioni is located one of the most important monuments of ancient epoch – remnants of Vani settlement. In VIII-I centuries BC the town of Vani had close commercial and economic and cultural ties with the Greek world. On the first stage of existence (VI-IV cc. BC) Vani was the center and residence of the ruling circle of the Colchis kingdoms administrative entity (Skeptukhia). In the second stage (III-I cc. BC) it was a large temple center. As a result of archeological excavations religious and domestic structures, wall of the temple, round temple, seven-step altar, cult figurines, local and Greek ceramics, rich burials with unique specimens of goldsmith works were unearthed. Namely: diadems, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, temple pendants, heraldic images and cups. Nowadays on the territory of ancient settlement ruins Vani Archeological Museum-Preserve is located. The territory includes approximately 8,5 hectares of land.
Location: South-Eastern part of the Kolkheti lowland
Distance: 30 km from Kutaisi, 250 km from Tbilisi.
Sea level: 180-200 m
Landscape: plain
Climate: humid, subtropical, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 5 degrees centigrade; summer very warm, humid, mean temperature in August 23 degrees centigrade.
Average annual precipitation: 1350 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 74%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2000-2100 h. Natural treatment factors: nitrogen, slightly sulfide, silicon, sulfide-hydro-carbonate sodium mineral waters with general mineralization of 0,3-0,6 g/dm3
Types of therapy: mineral water baths
Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular, skin and gynecological profile diseases, disfunction of metabolism


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