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Resort Shekvetili
Village of Shekvetili is situated in the Ozurgeti district, near the confluence of river Natanebi, between Kobuleti and Ureki. In medieval ages here was a maritime harbor where garrison of the Ottoman empire had its station. Nowadays Shekvetili, like Grigoleti, is a health seaside resort with magnetic sand beach and pine-tree grove. Depth of the sea here is low (from the beach within 30 meters depth does not exceed 1,5 m) that is especially comfortable for children. Swimming season starts in May when water temperature is 17 degrees, and lasts until mid-October. During this period water temperature swings from 21 to 27 degrees. Velvet magnetic sand of Shekvetili, crystal clear sea water, beaming sun and light breeze from the sea enriched with aroma of coniferous trees create excellent
conditions for quiet holidays and revival of health. 
1. Guria is time-honored region of horse riding traditions. Since 80-ies of the XIX century until 1917, about 150 Gurian riders arranged performances of their knack and skills in America and Europe. They started their shows in Europe and visited Marseilles and Paris. After that they proceeded to America where US President, Theodore Roosevelt, attended one of their shows. He was so fascinated with the performance of rider Giorgi Chkhaidze that presented him a gold ring and a salver depicting President riding a horse. On
June 25, 1892, the Gurians were hosted by Queen Victoria at the Buckingham Palace. Lanchkhuti Local History Museum is home
to images portraying trip of Gurian riders to Europe and America.
2. A theme-park ‘Tsitsinatela’ spreading on the territory of 14,5 ha is being operated in Shekvetili where holiday makers can
enjoy up to 40 attractions and various entertainment centers: bowling center, carting ground, ‘Hall of Distorting Mirrors’, music fountain, up to 100 amusement slot machines and others.
3. Shekvetili.
Location: Black Sea coast, confluence of river Natanebi
Distance: 325 km away from Tbilisi
Sea level: 2-6 m
Climate: subtropical climate, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 4,8 degrees; summer very warm, humid, mean temperature in August 22,6 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 2096 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 78%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2000 h.
Natural treatment factors: maritime, humid, subtropical climate and sea water, beach sand
Types of therapy: thalassotherapy, sand baths Diseases for treatment: cardiovascular, pulmonary, nervous and endocrine system diseases

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