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Resort Nunisi
On the territory of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, in the gorge of river Nunisistskali, is situated climatic spa resort of Nunisi, 27 km away from Kharagauli. The name of the village is connected with therapeutic water curing skin disease of itching. Unique microclimate of Nunisi is shaped up by mingled, deciduous and coniferous forest. Natural treatment factors – climate and highly moisturized water – are especially good for those who suffer from skin and nervous disorders. Water deeply penetrates tissues and facilitates
dissolution of affected layers of skin. According to the popular hearsay, application of Nunisi water for therapeutic purposes was started many times ago, back in the first half of IX century. When people noticed that domestic animals with the help of mineral water were cured from itching, they tried to use it themselves and were successful. Step by step curing qualities of Nunisi water became known in the whole country of Georgia and hamlet of Nunisi and Nunisi water were mentioned by Vakhushti Batonishvili as very pleasing and useful. There is also a legend about discovery of Nunisi water linked with great Georgian king, David Aghmashenebeli (the Builder). As the rumor goes, David was returning from battle. Horses were tired after marching and their skin was stripped off and covered with ulcers. When they plunged into Nunisi waters their skin was healed. The king was happy and he made donation to the local church of the village. Even today the Church of St. Mary dating to IX-X cc. in Nunisi is operating. 
Distance: 30 km from Kharagauli, 85 km from Kutaisi, 210 km from Tbilisi.
Sea level: 750-800 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: subtropical, winter mild, nearly without snow, mean temperature in January 0,3 degrees centigrade; summer warm, moderately humid, mean temperature in August 21 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1150-1200 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 73%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2200-2300 h.
Natural treatment factors: subtropical climate of low mountains, and nitrogen, methane, slightly sulfide, silicon, chloride-hydro-carbonate, sodium (and calcium-sodium) mineral waters with general mineralization 0,2-0,4 g/dm3;
Discharge: 80 thous. l/day
Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy Diseases for treatment: psoriasis, neurodermatitis, seborrheic
dermatitis, eczema, chronic nettle rash, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis and others.

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