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Resort Manglisi
Many centuries ago on the South slope of Trialeti range, on the wide plateau surrounded by mountains, there was a settlement named Odzisi that was a center of Algeti gorge and one of the hotbeds of dissemination of Christianity in Georgia. But in 1795 strong and rich gorge was totally devastated as a result of cruel invasions of Iranians. On the venue of ancient Odzisi, today’s settlement of Manglisi seems to be founded in XIX century. At the beginning it was a Russian military base where soldiers were getting rehabilitation course. Special climatic conditions and water springs which are numerous on the territory of the settlement, as far back as then attracted attention of specialists. In 1923 the settlement was officially recognized a resort and the first rest-house for children was inaugurated, followed in several years by the first children’s health center. In the Soviet period the settlement was again the venue of the military base of Transcaucasia Military District, a military compound for Soviet officers and their children sprawling on 30 ha. Today Manglisi is a resort settlement. Within the sanitary boundaries of the resort, on the mountain slopes around Manglisi plateau, pine-tree forest is stretched. Plateau is open to the South that ensures moderate ventilation of air. Moderately warm and dry climate of Manglisi is recommended for curing respiratory organs diseases and
their prevention. Especially wholesome is the end of spring, time for florescence and pollination of pine-trees. There are numerous fresh and mineral water springs mushroomed in the settlement itself and its environs, as well as in surrounding gorges and mountain slopes, but their qualities at this point have not been scientifically studied.
1. Algeti Preserve. Area 6822 ha. Founded in 1965 aiming at protection of ultimate Eastern border of Eastern pine and
Caucasian fir trees. Mountainous relief of the Preserve is furrowed by gorges of river Algeti and its numerous small tributaries. Here one can come across many historical and natural sights, among those are prominent town-fortress of Birtvisi dating back to XI c.
2. 60 km away from Tbilisi is situated Algeti Reservoir. It was flooded near the village of Tbisi (length 3,7 km, width – 0,4 km). The Reservoir is rich with commercially important fish species: common carp, crucian carp, khramulya.
Location: South slopes of Trialeti range, gorge of river Odzisi
Distance: 30 km away from Tbilisi
Sea level: 1204 m
Landscape: hillocky plateau
Climate: moderate mountain (lower belt) climate, winter moderately cold, snow cover stable from December until beginning of March, mean temperature in January -2,2 degrees centigrade; summer moderately dry and warm, mean temperature in August 18,4 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 690 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 72%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2200 h.
Natural treatment factors: middle mountain lower belt climate
Types of therapy: passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: lung TB and non-TB chronic diseases, bronchial asthma.

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