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Resort Lisi lake
From recreation zones on the territory of Tbilisi, the most convenient hideout for the residents of the city and its visitors is Lisi Lake. The recess is rich with special climate conditions and thermal waters and is located nearly 100 meters higher than the city level neighborhoods, within several minutes drive from downtown. The surface area of Lisi Lake is 0,47, its storage area is 16, maximum depth is 4 m. Banks of the Lake except several segments are moderately tilted creating favorable conditions for swimming. The Lake gets its feed from rainwater, snow and underground waters. The level of water is comparatively high, but in the fall it is low. In summertime the temperature of water runs up to 28 degrees centigrade, while in winter icy banks frequently appear. The water of the Lake is rich with minerals (2695 mg/l) where the bulk of minerals are salts of sulphuric acid calcium and magnesium. The residents of Tbilisi used to visit Lisi Lake when it had neither vegetation, nor due condition for the recreation. However, in the hot days of summer, to shelter oneself from the heatwave of the city, clean and cool air was also enough. The development of the territory started in 1937. Around the Lake up to 1400 various types of vegetation were planted and the environment around the Lake turned green. Today it is one of the most popular recreation and leisure areas of the city. In 2007, in the vicinity of the Lake, a new Tbilisi hippodrome comprising a territory of 31 ha was inaugurated which is the most venerable place for the horse riding lovers. From the Lake surroundings one can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the city.
Location: south-western border district of Tbilisi, between river Digomitskali and river Vere
Distance: 17 km from Tbilisi center
Sea level: 724 m
Landscape: rocky plateau
Climate: mild, continental, moderately dry, winter mild with small snowfalls, mean temperature in January 0,6 degrees centigrade; summer hot, mean temperature in August 24 degrees centigrade
Mean annual amount of precipitation: 513 mm
Comparative mean annual humidity of air: 66%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2500 h.
Natural therapeutic factors: climate of low mountain, hyper-thermal, slightly sulphuric, chloride carbonate, sodium, silicon acid mineral waters with general mineralization of 0,3-0,5 g/dm; discharge 1, 8 ml l/day. Quarry of therapeutic sulfide mud (kind of Kumisi mud). 
Types of treatment: mineral water baths, active spatherapy (baths in the Lake, air and sun exposure)
Diseases for treatment: chronic musculoskeletal system disorders, cardiovascular, peripheral nervous system and gynecological diseases

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