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Resort Lagodekhi

Lagodekhi municipality is located in the North-East of Georgia, on Alazani Valley, on the border of three countries – Georgia, Azerbaijan (Belakani district) and Russia (Dagestan region). The center of municipality expands at the foot-hill of Southern slope of Kakheti Kavkasioni, on the Alazani plain, on the banks of river Lagodekhistskali. This is one of the oldest settlements in Kakheti. Lagodekhi is noted for its sulphur mineral waters that are used for healing and disease preventive purposes.
In 1912 in the vicinity of Lagodekhi the first protected state territory in Georgia was set up with the area of 3500 ha. Announcement of the protected land happened thanks to initiative of a Polish researcher of flora and fauna, Ludwik Mlokociewicz. In 1935 preserved land was enriched by Salesavi gorge and basins of Bneli Kheoba rivers, in 1945 – alpine and sub-alpine summer pastures. These events had a special importance as preserved territory now united the whole spectrum of climate zones and landscapes of contiguous territories. Nowadays Lagodekhi preserved territory includes Lagodekhi State Reserve (22 266 ha) and Lagodekhi Managed Preserved Territory (1 992 ha) and along with protection of nature it serves the function of educational and recreational center. Visibly dissected relief, big sway of heights, slopes of various tilts and exposition, and deep gorges with rivers create diverse physical and geographic conditions and cover of vegetation. Two thirds of plants distributed in Georgia are available here. A unique hornbeam and beech deciduous forest that is a mixture of Georgian oak, maple, birch trees is under protection. Above 2300 m (up to 2700 m) evergreen rhododendron shrubbery is distributed. 121 species of flora of Preserved Territory are endemic in Caucasus and 9 – in Georgia. Lagodekhi Preserve is home to the most species of predator and even-toed ungulates distributed in Georgia. Preserves bird fauna also stands out.

Location: vally of river Lagodekhiskhevi, foot-hill of the Southern slope of Kavkasioni range
Distance: 25 km from Telavi, 155 km from Tbilisi.
Elevation from Sea level: 460 m
Landscape: plain
Climate: low mountain, moderately humid climate, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 0,9 degrees
centigrade; summer very warm, mean temperature in August 24,1 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1076 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 72 %
Duration of annual sunny light: 2300 h.
Natural treatment factors: climate of low mountains, slightly sulfide, chloride, sodium mineral waters containing 16 mg/dm3 free sulphur hydrogen with general mineralization 0,44 g/dm3
Types of treatment: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal diseases

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