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Resort Kvereti
Eastern, mountainous part of Imereti – Zemo (Upper) Imereti, or Argveti - is historical area of Western Georgia and includes municipalities of Zestafoni, Kharagauli, Sachkhere and Chiatura. Argveti is situated in the limestone zone thanks to which there are many karst caves, springs and underground waters in the area. Thermal water springs are also known. Water is used for running water supplies to Chiatura and surrounding villages, and in caves (caves in Ortvala mountain, Katskhi, Rgani, Gvarjila rock caves, ‘Wolf Rock’, Dzudzuani cave, TSU95) many stations of humans from upper and lower paleolith age were uncovered. Among them it is worth pointing out Dzudzuani cave where in 2009 archeologists found thread fibers of wild curved flax (34 000 y. BC) belonging to the earlier upper paleolith age. Scholar community acknowledge that this flax thread is the oldest in the world. There are several resort sites in Upper Imereti. Among them Kvereti, 7 km from the center of Sachkhere municipality, situated in the gorge of river Chikhura and noted for its medicinal waters of low mineralization. However, the biggest wealth of Argveti is manganese mines. Remnants of iron smelting oven and iron and clinker have been found here in the stations of ancient humans proving that historically metallurgy in the region was quite advanced. Since 80-ies of the XIX century the town of Chiatura was built for mining purposes. Fossil minerals extracted here make up 10% of Georgia’s commodity exports.
Location: slope of Racha range, river Chikhura gorge
Distance: 85 km from Kutaisi, 165 km from Tbilisi.
Sea level: 570-600 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: subtropical, zone of forest belt, winter mild, nearly without snow, mean temperature in January 3 degrees centigrade; summer warm, moderately humid, mean temperature in August 22 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1100-1200 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 76%
Duration of annual sunny light: 1900-2000 h.
Natural treatment factors: climate of low mountain forest zone subtropical belt, and nitrogen, slightly sulfide, chloride-hydro-carbonate, calcium-sodium mineral water with general mineralization 0,5-0,9 g/dm3 Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy
Diseases for treatment: joint pathologies, peripheral nervous system, gynecological and cardiovascular system diseases


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