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Resort Gordi
Khoni municipality is located on Southern slopes of Egrisi range, in Western part of Imereti. There are numerous beautiful places on its territory. Big ruler of Samegrelo, prince David Dadiani, in the XIX century picked the hamlet of Gordi for his summer residence due to its unique natural conditions. In 1860-ies Russian emperor, Alexander the Second, visited Gordi and presented to the hamlet
iron bridge. Thanks to sound climate and wonderful scenery, in the last century Gordi was enlisted in the catalogue of Georgia’s resorts. Khoni municipality is bordered by Lechkhumi (Tsageri) in North- West and Samegrelo (Martvili). This is exactly the line where one of the largest and highest mountain summit massifs called Askhi (400 km2) lies within the zone of limestone of Kavkasioni mountains. The height of its peak, Gadrekili, is 2520 m. There are more than eighty karst cavities with the area of more than 24 thousand sq.m. There are 42 caves, many brooks, rivers and lakes underground. Some caves are natural refrigerators, at the bottom of some of them flow torrents of underground waters forming the most beautiful waterfalls at the outlet. Caves are connected with each other by complex system of tunnels which have length of roughly more than 15 km. Stations of Stone Age humans, various tools and remnants of ancient animals were discovered in some karst caves of the range. In later periods natural and man-made caves played the role of shelters and fortresses. At present the range of Askhi is the tourist destination both for Imereti and Samegrelo provinces.
Location: Askhi mountain range, gorge of river Okatse, 20 km from Khoni
Distance: 13 km from Khoni, 38 km from Kutaisi, 273 km from Tbilisi.
Sea level: 800 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: subtropical, winter mild, summer warm, moderately humid, mean annual temperature 14 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 1790 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 85%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2000-2100 h.
Natural treatment factors: climate of lowland mountains
Types of therapy: climate therapy, walking
Diseases for treatment: cardiovascular and nervous system diseases, general fatigue
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