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Resort Arkhiloskalo
Dedoplistskaro municipality is part of a historical Georgian region of Kiziqi and one of the largest administrative districts of Kakheti. The bulk of this district goes to Iori Plateau whereby in its ultimate South-Eastern part, on the left bank of river Iori is located Eldari lowland (width 6-7 km, length along Iori – 20-22km, elevation above sea level – 90-200 m). This is the only place in Georgia with a genuine half-desert landscape. In the middle of the basin of rivers Alazani and Iori there is a big Shiraki plain which is bordered by low hills of Kochebi, Nazarlebi, Shuanamta and Arkhiloskalo-Kashi. Shiraki plain is called ‘Bread Granary’ in Georgia. The whole territory of the plain (length 35 km, width 15 km) is used for growing and harvesting grain. Near the bank of Alazani, on the Shiraki plain, three villages were established by highland residents in the XIX c.: Zemo Kedi, Kvemo Kedi and climate resort of low mountain – Arkhiloskalo. For the spot located on the sprawling plain of Shiraki, typical are sunny days and weak dry winds of the steppe, that along with low humidity facilitate intensive evaporation of water from the body. This is exactly the profile of the resort. In Arkhiloskalo was operated nephrology health center for children where diseases of urinary and
sexual system were treated. 
1. Arkhiloskalo is a borderline village. In Soviet period here was a military unit base. Its ‘heritage’ is now a flashpoint for tourists to visit.
2. Artsivi (eagle) Gorge is 2 km away from Dedoplistskaro and is situated on the limestone massif. The gorge is natural habitat
of up to sixty species of birds. Here is also one of the oldest and beautiful fortress-towns of Georgia – Khornabuji. The main citadel of the fortress is erected on the impassable cliff wherefrom breathtaking views of Alazani Valley and Kakheti Kavkasioni open up.
Location: Eastern part of Iori Plateau (Shiraki Valley)
Distance: 35 km from Dedoplistskaro, 120 km from Telavi, 160 km from Tbilisi.
Elevation from Sea level: 670 m
Landscape: plain, hillocky
Climate: dry, subtropical, winter moderately cold, with rare snow, mean temperature in January -2 degrees centigrade; summer very warm, dry, mean temperature in August 23 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 544 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 76 %
Duration of annual sunny light: 2300 h.
Natural treatment factors: climate of low mountains and valley
Diseases for treatment: urinary and sexual system disorders – nephritis and pyelonephritis, cystitis.

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