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Gurjaani All Saints

Gurjaani Assumption of the Virgin Mary monastery is located near the village of Gurjaani, in the forest, in the Kakhtubani gorge, 2 km from the town of Gurjaani. The pundits of art have an opinion that it was built in VII century. The All Saints of Gurjaani is a complex architectural construction. Three types of building materials have been used to construct a cathedral: cobblestone, pumice stone and brick. This is the only two-dome church in Georgia. In XVII centiry cathedral was painted. In late Medieval centuries it was a burial site of big nobility of the families of Andronikashvili and Jorjadze. As a result of an invasion of Shah of Iran, Abbas I, the monastery life here ceased and was rivived only in 1822. In 1938 the All Saints was rehabilitated.

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