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Batsara-Babaneuri Preserved Territories

Batsara-Babaneuri Preserved Territo­ries are located in Eastern Georgia, 150-170 km from Tbilisi, on the southern slopes of Kakheti Kavkasioni range of mountains. They consist of several parts being one entity from management point. Its total area is more than 90 sq. km.

The first segment of preserved territories encompasses the middle body of river Batsara gorge. Yew forest (Taxus baccata), a relict of Tertiary period, has been preserved here with the area (240 ha) outstanding in the world. The age of plant trees runs several hundred years, and height of leafage exceeds 40 meters. Pastukhov’s ivy (Hedera pastuchowii) and greenberries (Sni­lax excelsa) are widely spre­ad in the forest that creates unforgettable impression.

The Babaneuri segment is lo­cated in the south-east part of the preserved territories and en­compasses lowland and hillock mountain territories. Here is pre­served the relict of the Tertiary period and Caucasian endemic – the forest of zelkova (Zelqova cap­rinifolia) with the area of 750 ha.

The segment of Ilto is located in the western part of the preserved territories and encompasses the gorge of the same name of the river where there are unchanged beeches (Fagus orientalis) pre­served. In the underbush cherry laurel is lavish. And virgin beeches create unforgettable impression on the visitors.

The fauna of the preserved territory is multifarious where some tens of mammal species and fifty species of birds have their habitat, with trout in the rivers.

Near the preserved territories there are archeological monuments of the Bronze Age – the Medieval cathedral Alaverdi, Ikalto Academy, Shuamta monastery complex, Gremi Temple-city and many other historical and architectural attraction.

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