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Wine Palace - The colorful hotel in the center of Tbilisi
29 May, 2018

Hotel Wine Palace is just one year old, but has already gained a place among the best hotels of Tbilisi. Its rating on is 9.4 and is a favorite place for both foreign and local tourists.

Wine Palace is located in the center of Tbilisi, at the Sports Palace, it is 4-star hotel and meets all European standards.

The concept of the boutique type art hotel is special and unique. Here all the rooms are different.

33 comfortable rooms have special artistic value, with different colors and decoration - which will choose the guest depends on his/her wish and taste. There are standard, lux and deluxe rooms.

It is worth mentioning the rich and tastefully furnished foyer in green and white colors. Stairs and stair railings connecting between the floors. Zurab Tsereteli worked together with 12 artists to paint the walls of Wine Palace, there you can see the scenes mainly with the elements of Georgian traditions - wine, Qvevri, grapevine... The grapevine here in the metal stair railing, all the elements are handmade and you can feel this value in every detail.

The hotel's advantage is the Conference Hall for 70 persons, open veranda and tasting hall. Every guest has the opportunity to taste Georgian wine and Chacha in the tasting hall, or to examine the vodka distillation process, to see and know what it is Mayali (open coal-fire)... Here is everything to sense the Georgian spirit.

The mark of the hotel's friendly team at is 9.8. They really know the hospitality here. An experienced and professional team is ready to take into account all the wishes and requests of the client, they know that the introducing with Georgian traditions and values for foreign tourists is important.

In the reviews, guests note that the owner of Wine Palace has a special attitude and meets every guest in the hotel by himself. They say that Giorgi Chkhaidze makes traveling in Tbilisi special and he himself is a kind of the guide in the hotel, which adds some kind of Cham to the hotel.

The Wine Palace service includes a Swedish table, a bar and a restaurant, which has a great choice of Georgian and European dishes. Also, if somebody wishes, the hotel management plans the tours in different regions without any commision.

The hotel has a lot of handmade items, tastefully chosen Italian and German furniture.

To make sure that all of this is real and our words are adequate, you have to visit the colorful hotel Wine Palace.

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