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Wine Palace - a hotel which is a small Georgia
27 July, 2018

Georgia and its capital Tbilisi is no longer a tourist destination foreign visitors heard nothing. Because of getting in the ratings of international editions, the popularity of Georgia and Tbilisi increased between the tourists.

Visitors, who have arrived in the country, taking into consideration their time and financial resources, they have different wishes. Part of them often visit only Tbilisi or Tbilisi and Mtskheta. During this short time, they still want to get maximal information about our country and Georgian wine, to feel the "taste" and "scent" of our country.

If you are looking for a hotel in Tbilisi for a foreign guest and you want to show him/her whole Georgia, then choose Hotel Wine Palace.

The hotel is located in the center of Tbilisi, behind the Sports Palace, it is really outstanding among many other hotels. The staff serve every guest specially and they try to introduce values of Georgia in the hotel with one visit.

Boutique type art hotel concept is unique and special. The drawing of the stairs between walls and floors is associated with Georgian traditions, here you can feel Kvevri, wine and cult of grapevine eveywhere. All the items on the handrail of the ladder are hand-made, you can see the grapevine, which is depicted on it.

The painting of the walls, floor and all the floors are distinguished, none look like each other. Zurab Tsereteli and 12 artists specially took care of the walls of Wine Palace, where you can see the elements depicting Georgian traditions.

The hotel has a unique wine cellar, where dozens of Georgian wines are protected. Wine and national dishes degustation for guests. It would probably be superficial without the details: every guest has the opportunity to taste Georgian wine and Chacha of different producers in the tasting hall, get acquainted with the wine making technology, witness Vodka making process, to see and know what is Makali.

Luxurious wooden furniture decorated tasting room can accommodate 70 people. On the walls of the hall you can see Old Tbilisi, with Kintos and Georgian woman sculptures.

Hotel Wine Palace offers guests a breakfast. In the case of pre-ordering, the guest has opportunity to taste Georgian and European dishes made of natural products.

So, this place is really small Georgia. The aim of the hotel is to serve perfectly and thus take a place in the hearts of tourists and a worthy place in ranking.

As for the rating, only the promotion of Georgia is not enough, everyone probably knows it. The tourists accordingly rate the service of Wine Palace, the rating of the hotel is 9.5.

It is natural, 4-star hotel meets all the European standards. The hotel is provided by satellite TV, wireless internet and international telephone connectivity. The hotel has 33 comfortable rooms. It also has verandah and bar-restaurant. If your guests have even a little time to go out of Tbilisi, the hotel management will plan the tours through the different regions of the country and will even serve without any additional commission.

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