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Foreign mountaineers rescued, evacuated from avalanche in Georgias Mkinvartsveri peak
01 September, 2021

A group of foreign mountaineers has been rescued and evacuated to Tbilisi after getting trapped in an avalanche at Mkinvartsveri peak in Kazbegi region of Georgia, Radio Liberty Georgian service reports. 

Mayor of Kazbegi municipality Alexandre Zagashvili stated that only one injured mountaineer required medical assistance, noting that ‘her life is not in danger.’

Ukrainian citizens were injured as a result of the avalanche. 

A private Georgian company airplane evacuated the climbers from Kazbegi mountain. 

Mkinvartsveri is a region of mountaineering and tourism and it is the third highest mountain in Georgia after Shkhara and Janga and the seventh highest peak among the mountains in the Caucasus.

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