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Sarajishvili Factory Tour: Learn About Creation of First Georgian Wine Brandy
29 August, 2018

Georgia is known in the world as the country of the oldest wine making, however the first Georgian wine brandy was produced in the 19th century by David Sarajishvili.

It was him who founded the production of brandy in Georgia according to classical techniques. David Sarajishvili thoroughly studied the Georgian climate and soil, selected the best sorts of vine for the Georgian brandy and micro zones for their cultivation, while untiring labour and love for his work created the best company producing Georgian wine brandy – Sarajishvili House.

The company was established in 1884, and mere three years later, in 1887 it released its first product.

The first Sarajishvili factory was located in the former Belinsky, now Chovelidze street, however in 1954 its location was changed.

Presently the factory warehouse holds 16,000 oak barrels with spirits of different age. The oldest one was made by David Sarajishvili himself in 1893 and is kept in a special warehouse called Paradise.

Today Sarajishvili factory holds the function of a historical museum. Gardens full of a light, pleasant fragrance of brandy and old warehouses attract a lot of visitors.

This is why Sarajishvili company offers its guests a tour around the production, where they will forget the present and return to the era when the first Georgian wine brandy was making its first steps.

You will be welcomed by a professional guide who in Georgian, English, Russian, and Chinese languages will tell you important episodes from David Sarajishvili’s life and history of creation of one of the best brandies, Sarajishvili.

This tour will help the visitors discover and experience the spirit that creates the real Georgian wine brandy.

The tour includes sampling, giving the guests the possibility to discover an unknown taste and get to know a diverse flavour.

So if you are interested in discovering a new flavour of brandy, learning how the first Georgian wine brandy was created, entertaining your foreign guests, or just take interest in a distinguished brandy, visit Sarajishvili House and for one hour find yourself in the 19th century.

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