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Record Volume of Investment Projects in Protected Areas of Georgia Reached GEL 89 Million
16 March, 2021

Despite the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the development of ecotourism is actively continuing, the Agency for Protected Areas told Business Partner.

According to the agency, in 2021, a record volume of investment projects is being implemented in the protected areas of Georgia, the cost of which is more than 89 million GEL. Among them, Tsalka (former Dashbashi) Canyon, which is the first private international investment in Georgia. The first ecotourism trail is being arranged in Adjameti Sanctuary, which will receive visitors at any time of the year. An international standard visitor center worth up to 4 million GEL is being set up in Pshav-Khevsureti National Park in Shatili.

By 2021, it is planned to arrange a new ecotourism facility - the development of Okrojanashvili Cave. It is planned to create new protected areas and implement conservation measures.

Development of ecotourism infrastructure is planned in Tbilisi National Park. Visitor centers will be arranged, up to 300 km of trails will be designed.

"All this will make Tbilisi National Park even more popular and attractive,"-said at the Agency for Protected Areas.

The agency says that one of the most popular trails for hikers in Georgia, which connects Tusheti, Pshav-Khevsureti and Kazbegi national parks, is planned to arrange up to 350 km of equestrian and hiking trails, which will be an impressive natural and unique trip.

In Sataplia, which is also a popular tourist destination, it is planned to install a modern, eco-friendly, international standard lighting system.

"It is noteworthy that the new lighting system will not damage the cave and will keep it intact, in addition, it will make the trip even more spectacular.

The implementation of these projects will significantly contribute to the attraction of tourist flows to protected areas after the end of the pandemic, and will provide additional economic benefits to the local population, "- said the Georgian Agency for Protected Areas.

In 2020, about 30 ecotourism projects were implemented in the protected areas of Georgia and a total investment of up to 7 million GEL. It is noteworthy arrangement of up to 200 km of ecotourism trails in the spruce reserve of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and Abastumani, Martvili and Okatse, Sataplia, Adjameti Reserve, Algeti National Park, Batsara-Babaneuri protected areas.


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