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The First Premium-class Georgian Restaurant "Vila Mosavali" Opened in Doha
09 March, 2023

The first premium-class Georgian restaurant under the brand "Vila Mosavali" has opened in Doha. Located in one of the largest shopping centers in the city, the restaurant was inspired by the positive feedback from Qatari guests who had visited the "Vila Mosavali" hotel in Natakhtari, Georgia.

It took a year to open the restaurant, with the interior design provided by representatives from Doha and staff hired from Georgia.

The restaurant currently employs around 80 people, and the company also owns a second restaurant in Doha aimed at the middle segment. "Vila Mosavali" is looking to expand its network, with negotiations underway with business circles in several countries, but the general manager notes that this is a difficult and careful process. The brand is currently represented in Georgia by one facility in Natakhtari.

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