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Celebration of Coolness and Soft Drinks in Mtatsminda Park
07 August, 2018

The hottest month of the summer has already started. And as usually, Mtatsminda Park is the best place to find a shelter against the sun.

The park administration doesn’t leave its guests with nothing but the richness of the nature this time either, and organizes another event.

On this occasion the park invites guests for the Coolness Day. The coolest day in Mtatsminda Park will take place on August 12.

On this day, in order to escape from the summer heat, the guests are expected at the main ground of Mtatsminda Park where they will be treated to a lot of soft drinks, shakes, ice cream, and sodas. They will also have the possibility to sample homemade lemonades.

Various cafes and bars will be presented at the event venue. Attending guests will have the possibility to enjoy cold drinks and listen to pleasant music. Mtatsminda Park has long become a place for festivals. During the summer it has already hosted festivals of ice cream, cheese, tea, honey, and wine, and will offer you many more surprises in the future.

Besides festivals and other various events, Mtatsminda Park is ready to host you every day till late at night. Especially, since after a 10-month break its largest attraction – a 44-gondola Giant Wheel – “returned” to the park. The wheel was dismantled for rehabilitation works and underwent full inspection. Gondolas and the entire construction were given a new coat of paint.

Let us remind you that this year Mtatsminda Park celebrated its 80th birthday. The park is located at 770 m above sea level, that’s why coolness is more tangible over its 100 hectares. Here you will find a large selection of cafes and attractions both for children and other guests of any age.

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