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A hotel where visitors are met in accordance with Georgian traditions
18 January, 2022

A hotel where visitors are met in accordance with Georgian traditions

From 2017 to the present day, the 4-star Wine Palace Hotel (Address: Saburtalo, Bidzina Kvernadze Street, 31) with a Georgian interior, friendly staff and its own cellar soon attracted the attention of foreign guests.

The European standard hotel has 33 rooms, both standard and luxe.  In the interior, decorated at a highly artistic level, the walls are completely hand-painted.  The hotel is equipped with satellite TV, wireless internet and international telephone connection.  The conference hall is designed for 70 people and is equipped with all necessary office equipment.  Georgian-European dishes are prepared according the taste of the guests.  However, the most important thing that gives this hotel a unique charm is the cellar, which got many varieties of Georgian wine.  Here, tourists spend time tasting wines and national dishes.  The hotel has its own guides and if you wish, you can travel with them to any corner of Georgia.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, the daily routine of whole world has changed.  At various times, a number of strict rules were introduced.  Both business trips and travel from one country to another were difficult.  Consequently, all this has led to a decrease in the flow of tourists to Georgia over the past 2 years.  After the start of vaccination of the population, testing became massive, the system of "green passports" came into force, etc., the situation has relatively improved over the past 6 months.  George Chkhaidze, director of the Wine Palace, told us about the current situation of turistic flow in our country using the example of his own hotel.

- Compared to the previous 2 years and the last months, 2022 started better.  Our main guests arrived from Israel and will continue to arrive in the capital in the future.  The Russians are arriving via Minsk.  They love our country, culture and Georgian wine.  I often mention and repeat now, if the Russian state opens its borders and allows its citizens to come to Georgia, then the hotels will be 100% occupied.  Friends, colleagues contact me and express their huge dissapointment  that they will not be able to come to Georgia.  We are talking about a large number of people who want to visit our country with their families.  If this approach is changed, it will be useful not only for hotels in Tbilisi, but also for the regions and will give jobs to many people.

- Before the pandemic, your hotel cellar was very popular.  Has its function been restored now, as well as master classes in cooking Georgian dishes for hotel guests with their own hands?

- Yes, at this stage we are again holding similar meetings in the basement, as well as tasting wine and Georgian dishes.  Everything is being done in accordance with covid regulations and will continue in the future.  I hope 2022 will be better than previous years, both in tourism and in all areas.  Sooner or later, we will end the coronavirus pandemic, and everything will return to normal.

- At this stage, the position of the head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia is still vacant.  You planned to participate in the competition, still want to do it?

- Of course, the national tourism administration should be headed by a knowledgeable, experienced in the tourism sector, who cares about the fate of his country with his heart.  At the same time, it is important to staff the tourism administration with professionals and people with experience in this field.  I want the matter to be in the hands of competent and knowledgeable professionals.  The country has quite a lot of potential.  Based on my life and work, I want to contribute to the development and success of the tourism sector in the country.  It is desirable that the application be submitted by people who are representatives of travel companies and those sho work in the hotel business.

A professional, worthy person should be appointed as the head of this direction.  I say directly that if the elections are held transparently and in good faith, my colleagues and smart people will support me.  So I hope to win!

Author: Ana Kalandadze

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