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‘’Sarajishvili‘’ dedicated brandy ‘’Independence‘’ to 100 years anniversary of independence of Georgia
12 June, 2018

100 years ago, on May 26, 1918, the ruling national council of the country adopted the "Act of State Independence of Georgia" and declared our country as an independent republic.

The announcement of the first democratic state of Georgia is a special and important date for all Georgians, so this day is celebrated especially, but this year it was more diverse, because 100 years have passed since the day when Independence Act was adopted.

There were many events, so it was not easy to surprise society with the campaign, but in the country, which is called the country of wine, the first wine brand "Sarajishvili" managed to do so and dedicated a unique characteristic drink with symbolic name "Independence" to this very important date.

The company "Sarajishvili" was founded in 1884 by David Sarajishvili. He already was not alive when the country adopted declaration of independence, but with the modern vision and hard work laid the foundation for Georgia's free future.

The historic significance of the independence act of 1918 and its visual side symbolically reflected on the specially designed packaging and bottle of high quality tasting brandy.

The brandy "Independence" is a high quality, refined character drink, whichis made from the reserves of most valuable alcohol storages of "Sarajishvili".

Thanks to this amazing, historical significance alcohol storage, it is the privilege only of the company "Sarajishvili" to create the product like this.

The premium class brandy, which is kept in the oak barrels, the alcohol storages of David Sarajishvili, is distinguished with rich, refined, elegant aroma.

Brightly shining, amber-coloured, dark golden liquid is enriched with fruit, oak timber, vanilla and chocolate tones. Soft velvet taste and piquant tartness emphasizes the exclusive antiquity of this brandy.

Not only the taste and aroma of the new brandy "Sarajishvili" is different, but also its design as well.

Such an important Act of Independence of Georgia, its structure and even the color of the ink has become the source of the company's inspiration. The graphic wicker, which you can see on the cork, is inspired by an elegant visual side of the independence declaration.

The inspiration for the engraved bottle design is the form of an inkwell.

On the black and night sky colored box you can see the shining stars like behind St. George image on the independence declaration.

The taste and aroma are so distinctive and refined that they just amaze you. This is really the product that can be regarded as a business card of Georgia, the country that is called the motherland of wine.

The brandy, which was dedicated to the 100 years anniversary of independence of Georgia, will sale from September. The number of bottles will be symbolically only 1918. Due to the limited number, the customers can pre-order the bottle. 

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