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New vehicle customs checkpoint opens on Georgia-Armenia border
11 October, 2022

A new vehicle customs checkpoint was opened on Friday on the Georgia-Armenia border, the Georgian ministry of finance has announced.

Featuring 11 exits equipped with modern control systems, the Ninotsminda checkpoint has a staff of about 70 customs officers and a capacity of at least 600 trucks, 3000 cars and 8000 passengers per day.

Arman Poghosian, the deputy minister of finance of Armenia, heads of the Georgian ministry of internal affairs, revenue service and investigation service, representatives of partner agencies, diplomatic corps and local authorities featured in the opening of the facility.

Georgian finance minister Lasha Khutsishvili stressed the importance of the new customs infrastructure, both for bilateral and regional cooperation.

Khutsishvili noted Georgia enjoyed the status of an “important transit country”, and said the government's efforts were aimed at implementing an economic policy in the region that was “in line with international standards, mutually beneficial and based on partnership cooperation”.

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