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Rtveli Restaurant Opened with the Inspiration of Kakhetian Flavors
24 November, 2022

Gela Gventsadze opened the "Rtveli" restaurant with the Kakhetian flavors he remembers from his grandparents as a child.

As he explains, the name of the restaurant is also associated with Kakheti, and all the dishes offered to customers are prepared by Kakhetian cooks, following old customs.

"The concept of our restaurant is the direction of authentic Kakhetian traditional dishes. I am originally from Kakheti, and I love the traditions there, so I decided to open a space where people will feel at home in the wine region. The interior is exactly like that - cozy and warm. The main hall of the restaurant can accommodate 74 people. We also have an isolated hall designed for 15 people.

Expert chefs make the dishes who know the techniques of their preparation best. In addition to the well-known dishes such as mtsvadi, khinkali, khashlama and gulami, we offer a dish that you will not find anywhere else, it is shila flavi, which we named "Kakhuri risotto" and garnished with Guda cheese instead of parmesan,'' Gela Gventsadze said at

According to him, "Rtveli" has been hosting guests for the third week and the interest is quite high.

As for the challenges, Gela Gventsadze says that it was quite difficult to open the facility in the background of the current sharp increase in prices in the country, although they try their best to keep the prices of the dishes relatively low. According to him, currently, their price policy is aimed at the middle segment.

The founder opened "Rtveli" completely with his own investment and currently, the restaurant employes 30 people.

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