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What are the plans of „Winery Khareba“ on the Chinese market - interview with the main winemaker
29 June, 2018

On June 8, "Winery Khareba" opened a representation in Shanghai, China.

45% of the company's products are exported to China. In North China "Winery Khareba" has high sales, but plans to open its representation in South and Central China to make their products more popular and demanded.

Representation is not just an office for meetings. The company has already hired experienced Chinese wine experts who are negotiating with potential customers everyday.

Vladimer Kublashvili, producer and chief winemaker of "Winery Khareba", at the opening of the official representation in China, talked with Travelingeorgia about the popularization of Georgian wine and future plans of the company.

- Mr. Vladimer, as it is known, the production of your company is presented in many countries, why it was decided to open the representation in China, why is this country a priority for you?

- The company "Winery Khareba" is very well represented in China and covers about 15% of sales of Georgian wine category, but you know that this country is huge.

According to statistics, our company has sales in North China, but according to statistics of alcoholic beverages, high level of wine consumption is in the central and southern China, so we saw a wide potential for the positioning of our production in these regions, because of that we decided to strengthen our studies and promote sales of our products in central and southern China.

A few weeks ago our office was opened in Shanghai. This is not a place just for meetings. We have hired experienced staff, Chinese wine experts who work in our office daily. Therefore, we have already achieved success, because we have a favorable opportunity to have a direct negotiation with potential clients.

- How many percent of exports do you have in China?

- If you look at the data, China is one of the best locations for selling Georgian wine. As for our company, 45% of our export goes in China, so you will already be able to imagine how important this country is to us.

This representation will promote sales. Because we are geographically very far from each other, the daily engagement of the experienced staff in the different time zone will help to increase our sales in the future.

- What are your plans for China?

- Through this office we are planning our marketing activities. For example, we have already planned to participate in several wine exhibitions this year. We also plan our products to be actively represented in various competitions across China, especially in Hong Kong.

In the future we are also going to open the warehouse with the office, where we will transfer our products. This will contribute to our on-line sales.

Hong Kong is a place where we have the opportunity to sell "Winery Khareba" premium products. There are more experienced wine userს, that allows us to offer high-priced segment wines to local importers.

- Do you have representations in other countries, and in which countries the export is the largest after China?

- China is in the first place with exports in the reality of our company, Russia is on the second place, third - Poland, and then comes European continent.

As for the representation, our offices are located in Germany and Italy, where we also have a brand wine store in Bari.


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