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Wine and Muza – Wine Bar with a Combination of Antiquity and New Trends
16 February, 2018

If you are not looking for wine just in horn, if drunkenness is not the only thing you expect from wine and you choose to search for muse in it, then you’re lucky. In this case, muse is more than art, culture or literature, any profession can have its own muse..

So, we have a new address for you. Wine bar “Muse and Wine” is expecting its guests in front of famous Muse sculpture.

What to expect?-selection of best wine, nice atmosphere, Georgian unique exhibits, meeting with antiquities and past.

The wine bar has opened one month ago, got appreciated by customers and gained New York based wine master’s Lisa Granny’s sympathies, although everything is ahead.

Sandro Sakandelidze co-founder of “Wine and Muza” on question ‘’why muse?’’ explains, first of all, the title comes from its location, followed by conception: creativity, connection with art and consequently, its antiquity and history. ‘’We would like to have combination of new trends and and history… but ‘’muse’’ doesn’t necessarily mean one should be an artist, every profession has its own muse…’’

He says that wine needs appropriate atmosphere. Idea authors started to inquire antiques which can be seen on the wall.


‘’Unfortunately wine is associated with eating, getting drunk and unhealthy life in Georgia. We don’t think this way, it has been part of daily lives: peasants went to work and brought one dish of wine, would have 1-2 glasses, which helped to restore forces. Travelers in Georgia used to say Georgian people were slenders and it has never been associated with unhealthy behaviour. We would like to bring it back its initial healthy side, which is natura;,’’-says Sandro Sakandelidze.

Wine Bar founders say that they are not the first ones to bring this tendency, and they are glad there to be like-minded people.

‘’We are in the same boat, we additionally create attractive space where we keep historical objects, for example, large wine trader’s belt, from XVIII century,’’- says David Megrelidze, co-founder.

They keep Victor Ostrovky’s art, who was killed in 50s of last century. ‘’This is another story, there is a short story written about him. His art is unique, done by water-colors, that has been a rare direction in Georgia’’.


There is also an old gramophone, given by Stalin to Sandro’s grandfather who was a colonel of 414th Georgian division during World War II. Here is a glass produced by famous Georgian writer’s Ilia Chavchavadze’s friend, who has built the first brewing trade in Caucasus. You’ll find unique Georgian-Russian book, including illustrated 250 types of wine. There are old paintings on the wall, they have stains and are shabby, but its age is more important.

‘’My uncle used to be an artist and we found those works in his possessives. We have 40 paintings all together, we might hold an exhibition in the future,’’-says Sandro Sakandelidze.

A guest can try more than 100 varieties of wine here. Mostly family, Kvevri and bio wines, as well as European. Prices start from 17 GEL and exceeds 200 GEL. These are high quality small companies and wineries production that are exported too.

Georgian culinary is not less important, so the bar offers relevant category menus, boards of cheese and beef, cheese and chicken rolls, ‘’Felamushcake’’,etc.

Wine bar will host small parties soon. -

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