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Magic Start of 2019 – Find out What Georgia Palace Offers on New Year’s Event
19 December, 2018

They say the way you see New Year in will define your entire year. That’s probably why we wait impatiently for the New Year to come and try to make this day especially good, to make this special feeling follow us around the entire year.

Delicious dishes, drinks, live music, a DJ, games, surprises – this is an incomplete list of what Georgia Palace Hotel and Spa Kobuleti promises us on the New Year’s Eve. Here you’ll believe in magic and Santa Clause at the same time, and have a New Year that you’ve probably only seen in Christmas movies…

Wherever you are or go to, a warm welcome is probably the most important thing for a first impression… so… the first thing you see on December 31 in Georgia Palace are smiling faces that will lead you to a champagne pyramid and a chocolate fountain and wish you a pleasant time.

In the evening you are in for a gala dinner, delicious Georgian dishes accompanied by live music of Blue Sail Band that will elevate your mood even more.

There will be a show with a famous and everyone’s favourite host. There are easy and fun games in store to make sure that each guest can participate and have a chance to win a valuable prize.

At 12 there are magic fireworks waiting for you, welcoming the 2019 New Year in with their beauty and noise. You can make a lot of wishes against the background of this show and be sure they will definitely come true.

The main entertainment will start in 2019. After 12 am a fire and LED show with Ukrainian girls will start right in the swimming pool. A DJ will take care of your entertainment until morning.

We really don’t advise you to miss out on this, especially since there is a colourful and beautiful hut right next to the show, with warm, tasty, aromatic mulled wine – to place your hands around the cup and first warm your fingers and then the entire body with its taste.

What is the meaning of having fun if you don’t imprint it in photos? Georgia Palace agrees with us on that one and to remember this magic evening, invited His Majesty the Giffer. Take a lot of GIF photos with as many combinations of movements as you can think of, and most importantly, with smiling faces!

We find it hard to believe too but this magic holiday in Georgia Palace only costs GEL 120 per person and you can even pay through TBC installments.

Take into account that number of places is limited, so we advise you to think about booking, to make sure you are a part of this unprecedented entertainment.

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