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Vogue: “12 underrated wine regions to visit this fall, according to the experts”
11 October, 2022

Vogue, an American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine, has included Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region among 12 underrated wine regions around the globe to visit this fall.

Nicole Kliest, the author of the publication’s article, notes Georgia could be expected to be more ubiquitous as the world’s oldest continuously producing wine region, before explaining some of the reasons for its absence from the most widely recognised locations for winemaking.

The Republic was under Soviet rule for decades and wine culture was greatly impacted. Only four out of 500 grape varieties were allowed in production; the others were kept alive in secret”, the article reads.

The author also tells her readers how Georgians rediscovered their wine culture and began sharing it with the broader world with the country’s independence.

Introducing Kartli as a “relatively easy to visit” region due to its proximity to capital Tbilisi, the author advises wine lovers to visit one of the wineries in the locality, where wine is stored in underground amphora-like qvevri clay vessels.

“Allow some time to be there, don’t be in a rush, and make sure you see the winery itself – Qvevri wine making is incredibly interesting. If they [the wine producers] offer you a meal, do not refuse!”

Read the full article here.

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