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Magical New Year Days in "Mtatsminda Park"
27 December, 2017

Magical New Year Days in "Mtatsminda Park"

Morning, Tbilisi wrapped in fog, cold. Only a few days left before the New Year's Eve.  All of these are  strongly felt at Mtatsminda.

From time to time the silence is stifled by magic tunes of New Year music "blown" from "Mtatsminda Park". SO you understand that if you haven't decided yet where to entertain children on New Year days, create a magical show from stories and enjoy yourself, you should stay here as you are already awaited

Everything is here for the New Year, large fir trees at the park entrance and main square as well as lights are in order, so that even cold falls back. Toy Santa Clauses look out from small booths from where the smell of sweets comes out, fir trees are also decorated by smiley hostesses. The management of "Mtatsminda park" has planned everything in advance and scheduled the events

If Santa goes everywhere on December 31, here, he is not late, as he has been already waiting for the children with gifts and entertaining events.

New Year events were officially opened on December 25 in "Mtatsminda Park". It was cold, but the kids did not really feel it here. Here, venerable and cheerful Santa dances with them traditionally and moves along the music in a way that even children are jealous... He gave gifts to the children. Chattering increases, empty attractions get filled slowly and we are all in a magical city. Cold can't frighten the Park and its guests so the park gets the characterizing color set, happy environment, joy, love and expectation of something good and new

Children's favorite fairy tales are here entertaining themselves with the kids ... For those who have not come up yet, a real New Year magic environment is waiting. You are not late. Mtatsminda Park has taken care of this too so that he is waiting for you every day till January 14.

For the New Year events Mtatsminda Park has prepared a special program for children: children's concerts, magician's show, circus and theatrical performances will be held. Mims and clowns will take care of children's entertainment.In addition, the prize competitions will be held.

Those who do not miss the chance and visit Mtatsminda Park, the park promises a real New Year environment and lots of surprises.


Attending events is absolutely free, but those who have to get extra joy with friends or children, can by New Year invitation for 17 Gel which includes a gift from Santa, attraction- Mini American Mountains, Puppet Theater - Masha and  the Bear, Playing in Tears - rings , Playing in Tears - Clowns, Videogames Hall - Table Hockey, Videogames Hall - Basketball.

Author: Maia Demetrashvili


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