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Hotel is Empty, We Do not Get Any Bookings - Ambrolauri Hotel Olimpi
03 December, 2020

Co-founder of Ambrolauri hotel, Olimpi, Mariam Barsonadze declares, that despite Ambrolauri not being a ski resort and the regulations imposed by the state do not interfere with it, the hotel is empty and there are no reservations.

Mariam Barsonadze noted with BusinessPartner, that loading of the hotel is reduced by 80%.

"Our hotel generally worked on sports groups, we had agreements formed with sports federations, and nearly every sportsman, who was coming to Racha, was staying in our hotel. There are good sports complexes in Ambrolauri, sports bases, where sportsmen can train. We were oriented on this, perhaps now, gyms are not open and everything is closed temporarily."

According to her, the loading of the hotel depends on snow. 

"We wanted a further development in our business. We've already started maintaining restaurant, cafe, and wine cellars, to be attractive for tourists and to become an interesting location. We stopped everything.", declares Mariam Barsonadze.

Olimpi is located near the center of Ambrolauri, in Racha. 34-room hotel is able to receive 100 guests.

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