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Wine shop with more than 700 types of drinks - "Brand Wine" has opened a new branch in Vake.
18 January, 2022

Wine shop with more than 700 types of drinks - "Brand Wine" has opened a new branch in Vake.

Wine shop "Brand Wine" has been operating since 2019 at 48/50 Mtskheta street.  Recently, a branch of the store, located at 4a M. Tamarashvili Street, was opened a few meters from the central highway of the Vake-Saburtalo road and it is is much larger.  Among more than 700 types of bottled wines: Khashmi Saperavi, Khikhvi, Chinese, Rkatsiteli from Qvevri, Goruli Mtsvane, Kisi and others.

According to the decision of the owner of the store, Giorgi Chkhaidze, the store began to function on January 1, 2022.  Many people were received here on New Year's days.  Since the celebration of the holidays without the accompaniment of a glass of wine is unthinkable for many, consumers buy drinks here for the New Year's table.  It should be noted that George Chkhaidze, the director of the store, often receives guests himself, gives qualified advice, talks about the origin and properties of a particular drink, and even generously presents people completely unfamiliar to him.

George Chkhaidze:

- We opened the first wine store in April 2019.  Until October of the same year, we worked quite well, as many guests came to our country, and they were frequent visitors of Brand Wine.  Due to the covid-pandemic, we did not work with such a load in 2020-2021, moreover, we can say that we were actually suspended.  The same thing happened in the field of tourism.  Both areas have suffered because in most cases the drinks are bought by tourists.  Along with getting to know Georgian culture, they are also interested in Georgian wine.

With the opening of the first wine store, I had plans to organize a branch, but before  it was not possible.  And so, as a result of hard work, on January 1, we opened a new branch of Brand Wine.  Quite a large area, 200 sq.  As in the wine shop on Mtskheta Street, tasting evenings will be held in the Tamarashvili branch, such meetings are especially loved and interesting by our guests. Both,the first  and the second stores, are the largest selection of wines in Tbilisi and the stock is constantly expanding.  I would like to emphasize that no one can compete with us in this regard, since we have more than 700 wines for sale.  This includes both factory and small-scale wine-making products, vodka, liquor, cognac.  Consequently, prices are also varied and affordable.  I advise lovers of Georgian wine to visit the Brand Wine branch in Tamarashvili.  In 2023-2024, we plan to open two more stores in old Tbilisi.

- In the Tamarashvili branch, in addition to alcoholic beverages, will wine-themed accessories, Georgian sweets, honey and other products be presented?

- Of course, we have in our store: honey, churchkhela, a separate section will be allocated for spices.  We will also sell wine accessories: cups, jugs, Georgian enamel products and handicrafts created by the designer of my friend Pati Kakhniashvili - on the theme of grapes.

- What is the most popular drink on New Year's Eve and other holidays?

- Champagne.  We had quite a lot of guests in the new store for the New Year holidays, both locals and temporary residents.  Most people have chosen this drink.  We have all types of champagnes that are currently produced in Georgia.  Personally, I especially like OOO "Batonis" Champagne.  At the moment, we have up to 20 types of Georgian champagne in stock and the range will expand.

We almost ended the conversation when a friend of Mr. George, director of the Museum of Georgian weapons, David Nasaridze, nicknamed "Chokha", entered the store:

- George and I have been friends for a long time.  We have a lot in common, first of all, we are connected by love for Georgian culture, traditions and winemaking.  Several times I was the host of tasting evenings of the store on Mtskheta Street.  George's stores offer exceptionally high quality wine and the same service for their guests.  I am happy for the opening of the new branch.  We hope that soon it will earn the attention and interest of the population living in this area and beyond.

Author: Ana Kalandadze

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