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Guesthouse Ardoti in Khevsureti Surrounded by Mountains
22 February, 2021

Guesthouse Ardoti is the only hotel above Shatili and Mutso that offers complete comfort to its customers with its panoramic views, well-equipped bathroom and internet.

This amazing place is surrounded by mountains, and from the front you can see Tebulo, that never looks the same. While enjoying the views from the balcony, you can enjoy a delicious herbal teas or relax in a hammock in the yard and meditate. Ancient history, peace and serenity are felt here.

გესთჰაუსი არდოტში

What is guesthouse Ardoti like?

Our hotel is more like a family, a traditional, Khevsurian family, which welcomes all guests with the same warmth and love. When we have sunny weather, mostly vacationers spend time in the yard, sometimes they go to the waterfall, sometimes to the Zviadauri tower, the cross of the Mother of God, anywhere in the nature.

When it's a cloudy day, and Tebulo hides in the fog, heating home with the fireplace, the smell of mint pervades the whole house and we also prepare to tell old stories about the locals, horse racing, ghost horse, Torghva and Kopala. We often sing, play and introduce the Khevsurian spirit to the guests. I think this is the uniqueness of our hotel. 

ბალახის ჩაი

"My mother and I often meet guests and treat them accordingly. Dad is a border guard and mostly unable to meet guests. The mother is the hostess of the family and therefore the mother of the family. We have a traditional family, full of warmth, love and support, our hotel has a corresponding charge and we always try to make customers feel at home. "

Levan grew up in Ardoti, his last name is Ardoteli and it is probably not surprising that he did not need to think much about choosing a place. So when asked how the hotel host in Ardoti turned out to be, not many thought:

"I always wanted everything I did to be related to Ardoti. Wherever I am I miss this place constantly, I want to be here and I will have my heart here.

I spent my whole childhood here, all the vivid memories I have are related to this place, I have a Khevsurian mother and this is our hearth. Our traditions are passed down from generation to generation, and we wanted to share it with others. "

სასტუმრო ხევსურეთში

Everything we do is for the love od Khevsureti. This is the case with which we contribute to the development of our side, so that we preserve the traditions and history, so that Khevsureti is not lost over time. We are trying to create big hearths instead of settlements, many Khevsurians have returned to their land and water and this is the greatest happiness for us.

ხევსურეთი სასტუმრო არდოტი

We create conditions for a lot of people who come to us to relax, unwind and at the same time we try to introduce this side, our traditions, history and spirit, which leaves no one indifferent. Each time the guests are greeted and filled with strength, happiness and serenity. Watching this is the biggest motivation for us."

What was it like to start a business in Ardoti?

The biggest difficulty was the construction process. There was no road to our village, it is still a difficult road, therefore it was hard to bring the material to the place. Moreover, transportation over this distance is much more expensive. In addition, there are no workers. Consequently, my father and I did all the construction work. We built and arranged both floors with our own hands. The difficulty was the lack of electricity, water and telephone connection. However, these problems have been solved with the hotel, we have solar panels for light and appropriate equipment for water as well.ხევსურეთი არდოტი

Arriving in Ardoti, you can tour the environment on foot or on horseback, learn how to make Khevsuretian Khinkali or bake khachapuri in Khevsur stove, or just take photos in Khevsur clothes.


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