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Getting Ready for the Winter and Thinking about Strengthening Immune System? Find Out What Vardzia Resort Has to Offer
16 November, 2018

Very soon autumn will close the door taking away the warm and colourful weather. If you still haven’t planned the Sweet November weekend, haven’t seen the green turn into yellow and red, you have a lot ahead of you.

This month can be called the month of those who love beauty and taking care of looks. External beauty and winter season require a healthy organism and strengthening.

In the historical region of Meskheti, in Chachkari gorge, on the opposite side of the cave town of Vardzia, you will find the Vardzia Resort hotel complex. It is the first high class hotel in Aspindza and Akhalkalaki districts.

Hotel’s infrastructure and architecture are combined with the historical Meskhetian landscape. Here everything is authentically Meskhetian – the household, the style, the hospitality.

Besides the natural landscape and ideal environment, this year, for the first time guests will have spa services available at the hotel.

To those who try to strengthen their immune system and want to make their skin healthier, hotel offers lavender flowers, mulberry leaves, mint, mountain daisy, and plantain baths.

Here you can also experience the thousand year knowledge of the aroma and medicinal effect of the seed oil. Indian Ayurveda massage is famous as a form of alternative medicine that is recommended for strengthening the immune system, especially for those who don’t manage to live a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda relaxes the body, improves memory, activates energy intake. During the procedure you will feel yourself in an exotic environment, get new energy, relieve emotional stress.

Spa center guests can improve their body, blood circulation, metabolism, detoxify their organism with the help of various massages and therapies. For this, Vardzia Resort offers 6 different services – classical relaxing massage, hand and foot massage, face and Ayurveda massage, as well as aroma therapy and body peeling.

After using these services Vardzia Resort guests will really feel much younger, more beautiful and energized.

It is important that spa center staff is comprised of professionals with extensive experience. This is why a massage performed by them will sooth you spiritually and physically, give you unbelievable pleasure, and prepare you for lower temperatures.

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