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Garemo Expands and Plans to Turn Racha into Small Tuscany
05 May, 2021

Hostel "Garemo", which receives local and foreign tourists in Racha, has expanded.

The hostel added another, high-budget wooden house of different concept, designed for couples, to the existing two cottages.

The founders were able to raise the money needed for the development without additional loans, at the expense of reinvestment.

"Until now, we have offered our guests a hostel-type cottage and a family/friend space for 4-5 people. Our goal is to meet all the needs of visitors, therefore, the third house will allow us to present more diverse offers. We were booked 20 days a month, regardless of the season, so we dared to increase and expand," said Tamar Davituliani, the founder of "Garemo" with "Business Partner".

The twin sisters used emotional marketing and as they say, it worked. The main offers are the feelings and memories that the Rachuli "Garemo", which means environment, will leave you with.

The main goal is to establish a stronger agro-tourism facility and turn the "Garemo" into a small Tuscany. It is also planned to arrange entertainment infrastructure.

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