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5 reasons why you should visit the hotel «Georgia Palace» in spring
03 April, 2018

1. Spring is a special season at Black Sea. The cold and warm air of Black Sea and of the mountain are harmoniously mixed into each other. The 5-star hotel “Georgia Palace”, which is located in the Black Sea coastline is especially beautiful during this time of season: the hotel is surrounded by the garden of beautiful, centuries-old trees, palms, coniferous and silver spruces and magnolias. The natural landscape gives special charm to “Georgia Palace”. The unique microclimate, the coastline, which is notable for its medicinal properties and has a mono-profile climate, has been researched and studied at the scientific research level, here the sea is deeper than usual, sea and mountain air mixture has a positive impact on people with cardiovascular disease, except cardiovascular diseases, climate positively affects on the reducing of tension. From the construction of the hotel, there is one small, but very important detail - guest rooms with wide balconies make holidays more enjoyable.

2. Besides the unique landscape, the hotel takes special care in the culinary viewpoint. Healthy, natural bio products, because of Georgian hospitality, the main direction is the traditional cuisine, together with a wonderful mixture of European dishes. Great attention is paid to healthy menu, especially for those guests who visit the “Georgian Palace” because of therapeutic and recreational issues.

3. The hotel spa center has several types of medical and relaxation services, including beauty salon, cosmetics, endemology, colonotherapy, infra-red sauna, classic massages. Spa center will help your body recovery, regulation of metabolism, body contouring and with the help of special procedures, you will be able to clean you body from the slag, which will make you feel younger.

4. The hotel especially cares for those who support alternate medicine and care for health and beauty.  Since 2010, for the first time and exclusively, Indian “Kerala Aiurveda” center is functioning here. The range of services is quite wide, Aiurveda health programs are recommended for the diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis, general weakness, blood pressure, cholesterol, migraine, sinusitis, hair loss, excess weight, raise immunity and insomnia.

5. The hotel, which spreads over 41 760 m. k area, where the largest place takes the garden of centuries-old plants and bamboo alley, is a place for entertainment and many types of sports activities, open salty water pool in the garden, tennis and basketball stadiums, mini golf, playground for children, bicycles, table tennis, Indoor pool, exercise hall, open pool and sauna. It is important to note Yoga, which is shown by an Indian specialist with traditional methods and specifications. On the Black Sea coastline, a yoga lesson, which happens traditionally in the morning, is the beginning of a pleasant and healthy day.

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