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5 Best Hotels in Georgian Regions
09 November, 2018

Georgia has already claimed its place on the world map as an important and valuable tourist destination. Each region in our small country has its importance, sights, history, and culture. Thus, each corner is full of discoveries for tourists.

Georgia’s special climate gives travelers the possibility to enjoy our nature and diverse sights at any time of the year.

We present to you 5 best hotels where at any time you can find accommodation, relax, rest, or plan sightseeing in the vicinity.

1. Ambassador Kachreti is located only 1 hour from Tbilisi. Here you will feel in heaven, especially since the hotel offers a lot of novelties to its guests.

Here you can rest, enjoy, get sun tanned, play tennis, football or get involved in many other activities. There is a professional golf ground on the hotel territory, the biggest banquet hall in the region for 800 people, a villa for 12 people, a wine cellar, tennis courts, outdoor pools, horse riding clubs, a and professional shooting range.
Here guests of any age, sex, and requirements will feel comfortable, as anyone can get engaged in their favourite activity or find a new hobby and possibilities.

2. Vardzia Resort is a complex in the historical region of Meskheti, in Chachkari gorge, located on the opposite side of the city made in the Vardzia rock. The complex stretched over a vast premise attracts you immediately. The infrastructure and architecture are in perfect sync with the historical landscape of Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Taking into consideration past experience and high demand, this year the hotel added three economy price cottages, another conference hall, 2 high class and 3 standard rooms.

Here the hosts really value their guests, always taking care of them, that’s why it is of no surprise that on the hotel is named among the best in Georgia.

Vardzia Resort is an ideal place for a family vacation. The complex has all conditions to enjoy your stay with family members. There is a playground for children, you can compete with your family in karaoke and make the process even more entertaining, jump on the trampoline together with your kids and enjoy the gifts of nature and sophisticated services provided by men.
Recently a high standard spa center has been added to the hotel where the guests are offered internal relaxation zones. Spa center complies with high standards and provides the best possibility to enjoy services of various kinds, rest and relax.
Vardzia Resort managed to revive local Meskhetian dishes for those who value Georgian cuisine and try to discover many unusual tastes and dishes. Here customers can enjoy locally prepared jams and confitures. Dogwood, apricot, mulberry, quince, cherry – just make a wish which fruit you want your jam made from, the choice is vast.

In the hotel, gourmets and any cooking enthusiasts can participate in the process. During a master class you can bake Meskhetian “kada”, khachapuri, bread, and many other things in the clay oven. During the autumn season you can make mulberry churchkhelas and join the vodka making process. Here you can get the taste of Samtskhe-Javakheti and for several days become a real Javakhetian.

3. Gloria Batumi is a 5-star hotel of modern standards in the capital of Adjara that was opened only a few months ago but has already become a favourite among many guests.

Presently there are 168 high standard rooms in the hotel, alongside with 2 conference halls, an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant, spa and sauna.

Here the rooms are big and comfortable, and the sea is so close from your balcony, it feels like you are going to plunge into it. Staff is very friendly and attentive, trying to adapt everything to your needs and comfort. If you want to have a rest, relax, enjoy a good view and see important places, the location of Gloria Batumi is what you need. The hotel is located 3 km from the airport, but at the same time is very close to museums, cinema hall, cafés and bars, and most importantly, the beach.

Another thing that makes Gloria different from other Batumi hotels is the high quality of spa service as well as delicious and diverse Georgian and European menu. The pool makes it possible to pass the time during bad weather when you can’t enjoy the sea.

4. Best Western Kutaisi is the only branded hotel in the entire city of Kutaisi, a place where everybody takes their most important guests to. Here you don’t even have to choose the view from your window – the museum city is all around you.

There is a café on the ground floor of the complex, while the sixth floor offers a restaurant with an open terrace that fits a large number of guests.

In the menu, you will come across a lot of “foreign words”. It is impossible to present special dishes under their traditional names. They are European but at the same time Georgian. Same as the restaurant chef Errbie Gonzalez – a Spaniard, but Georgian.

Each room is a harmonious mix of modern interior design, premium comfort, and coziness. A high standard service is provided by smiling and friendly staff who will plan your tour around Imereti and send you on your journey. Just ask them for assistance and then just enjoy the most beautiful Okatse canyon, Kinchkha waterfall, Prometheus cave, and discover Imereti all over again.

5. Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti is a high class 5-star hotel located in the coastal zone of the Black Sea. Its location provides a unique microclimate, natural landscape, beach with medicinal features. The hotel is especially impressive during this season, as it is surrounded by a 41,760 sq. m garden with centuries-old plants that at this time change their colour from green to golden and red.

Here you will find healthy Georgian natural bio products. The main direction is traditional cuisine in a delightful combination with European dishes.

Spa center of Georgia Palace offers a large selection of medicinal and relaxation services, including a beauty salon, cosmetology, endermologie, colon therapy, infra-red sauna, classical massage.

After relaxation you can take up different activities, as the hotel offers tennis, basketball, mini golf and children’s playground. Here you will also find bicycles, table tennis, an indoor swimming pool, a gym with a sauna, an outdoor swimming pool with water of daytime temperature.

Hotel rooms are designed in pastel colours, while classical style was chosen for interior, creating more coziness and peace for your rest. The complex has a total of 157 rooms that are fully adapted to all customer needs.
We tried to show you the best hotels in Georgian regions with their advantages. All you have to do now is select your period of vacation, follow our advice and check in into one of them, depending on which region you plan to visit, where from you want to watch summer green turn into golden. Each of the described hotels will leave you in awe with its service, environment, and cuisine. You’ll recharge your energy and inhale healthy air that is still full of warmth.

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