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Visit “Vardzia Resort” - Taste Samtskhe-Javakhetian and Meskhetian cuisine
25 June, 2018

Have you been in Samtskhe-Javakheti, have you tasted Meskhetian cuisine? Have you seen Meskhetian Oda-house? If you have been once in this region of Georgia, it means that you know the taste and price of Meskheti; You know that this is the place that you will never get bored of.

But... If you are among those who doesn't know this region, then travel in Samtskhe-Javakheti and if you want to feel its aroma, then you should visit the hotel complex "Vardzia Resort" located on the opposite side of cave town Vardzia.

This is the hotel, which is combined with its infrastructure and architecture with the historic landscape of Meskheti, it refers to the traditional Meskhetian house, the style of yard and the structure is a true Meskhetian oasis.

Restaurant and Oda-house offer a real Meskhetian environment in the complex area. You will be inspired here by walnut wooden sofas and central pillars, which strengthen the traditional wooden ceiling of the living space and Oda-house. You wonder how easily the simple things can expose on the one hand such a wealth and on the other hand to make the vacation nice and comfortable.

The price of Meskheti can't be known if you haven't seen the terraces, which are beyond the human vision, the management of the hotel complex tried to dedicate a few years and was able to restore the ancient stone terraces. Now you can see the fruit garden here. In different seasons the colorful Cherami (variety of apricot), Chanchuri (variety of plum), dogwood and currant are alternating each other. Vegetables are also on terraces. This bouquet is used for dishes made in the kitchen of the resort. The aroma of the plants (coriander, parsley, basil, rosemary, onion, pepper, celery, savory, oregano...) and vegetables (kabak, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant, pepper...) give a special taste to Meskhetian dishes.

How it would be possible not to use this wealth and the hotel complex did not miss this chance as well. "Vardzia Resort" managed to restore local Meskhetian dishes and this is exactly because of you, you to visit and taste their dishes.

Here the local baked goods ​​(Meskhetian Qada, Khachapuri, Baklava, Badamburi, Tatar-Beraki, roasted Khinkali, Bishi...), soups and dishes (Tutmaji, pumpkin and asparagus soup) are alternating each other. Meskhetian pickle is also special. You may ask - what should be special about that, but what have you heard about Telekhasi, Svintri, Ghimi, Bamia, Garlic pickles? You probably do not even know that the dishes here are blended with mulbery vinegar and spices brought from the place or from alpine meadows (oregano, savory, pennyroyal and so on). You will also be surprised by the fact that the local trout is served here with blackberry or cherry sauce.

If you are familiar with Meskhetian cuisine, you should taste distilled Chacha of mulberry, dogwood and chanchuri vodka.

The hotel serves its guests ground made fruit jams (dogwood, mulberry, quince, cherry, buckthorn, apple and so on). Cake and herbal tea are also prepared here (tavshava, marmichi, cherry and quince leaf, garden and wild mint, rose petal and so on).

Probably the most attractive thing is that you can take a part in this process. Within the master classes, you can bake Meskhetian Qada, Khachapuri and bread in the ancient bakery, which is located nearby; You can also dip Churchkhela into mulberry or chanchuri Badagi, take part in the birching process and making Khinkali.

You can really feel the aroma of Samtskhe-Javakheti in "Vardzia Resort", rest in the beautiful gardens and swimming pools decorated with unique plants. If at least once you visit Meskheti and feel its charm and aroma, you won't stop visiting. For full comfort there is "Vardzia Resort", one of the first high-class hotels in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. This is the place, which you should undoubtedly visit.


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