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240-Meter-Long Glass Bridge over Dashbashi Canyon Opens on June 14
20 May, 2022

The 240-meter-long glass bridge over the Dashbashi canyon and various attractions, including a restaurant and zipline, will open on June 14. The reception of visitors will start on June 15. As you know, visiting the canyon has been possible since last year.

As the director of KASS LAND Eka Tordia told "Business Partner", the entrance to the canyon was arranged, 1.5 km long (one way), with panoramic views, from where one can enjoy the beautiful views of the canyon. The trail leads the visitor to the cascading waterfalls of the canyon and ensures their easy and safe movement.

According to the project, accompanying ecotourism trails were built, with a visitor center, a hotel, a cottage, a restaurant, and other tourist infrastructure arranged in the surrounding area. According to Tordia, at the initial stage, 20 cottages will start functioning. The number of cottages will increase to 62 in the same season. As for the hotel, its opening is planned for next year.

For information, visitors will be able to see the canyon on the same principle as it is possible to see the Martvili and Okatse canyons.

According to Tordia, the entrance to the KASS LAND side of Tsalka canyon is paid. "From June 1, prices will be renewed as the whole area opens up. Discounts will apply to residents and Georgian citizens," Tordia said.

Recall, at the initiative of the Agency of Protected Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, an electronic public auction was held to lease the Tsalka Canyon, which in 2019 the object was handed over to the Jewish company KASS LAND.

The investment cost of the project is 120 million GEL.


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