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Chemi Chiri- Fruit Drying Turned into Entrepreneurship
09 December, 2020

Iza Sarkisyan turned her favorite snack - dried fruit into a production product and shared the opportunity to taste it under the name of ''Chemi Chiri".

In her homeland - while living in Armenia,s he got acquainted with and studied the technology of making different kinds of dried fruits. After returning to Georgia, they started making them first for their relatives, and then for sale.

The "entrepreneurial school" turned out to be an important stage for Iza in transforming the dried fruit business. Under the name of "Chemi Chiri"(my dried fruit), today it is possible to taste 5 types of dried fruits: black plum, watermelon, cherry, apple and peach.

"I have always loved dried fruits. I live in a village and there are many fruit trees in our yard. Once I decided to make dried fruit for my family and friends and they enjoyed it, after which, I came up with the idea to turn my favorite activity into a business, although it was not easy. 

With the help of the "Entrepreneurial School" it became possible to establish "Chemi Chiri". Before attending school, making dried fruit was a normal family activity for me. After completing the course, I took my dried fruit to my own fruit and vegetable store and sold it very quickly. I am strengthening my business every day and moving forward with a number of tips taught at the Entrepreneurial School, including knowledge gained in digital marketing, business and financial management training."

Iza currently sells dried fruits in fruit and vegetable stores. Her great wish is to open a large dried fruit factory in Gori in the future, which will be able to produce high quality, wide range and large number of products. This will also help create new jobs. However, ''Chemi Chiri'' has to go through several stages before the operation of the enterprise. At present, Iza needs equipment and financial resources for the expansion of the enterprise, after which she plans to produce much wider range of delicious and healthy dried fruits. 

Translated from Entrepreneur

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