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Can the Country Save its Ski Season? - Plans of Private Sector
03 December, 2020

"A plan, how to save mountainous resorts and ski season this winter, is pretty simple.", declare representatives of the private sector with BMG.

According to them, it is vitally important to reduce mobility and for example, make resorts half accessible - visiting them can be possible on specific days. Thus, it avoids a large number of people on weekends.

The second notion includes ski-passes, which would be bought online and with a limited amount.

And as for the gondola lift, instead of them, only open-air ropeways would work. 

"Restrictions must be imposed and no more than two people can sit on the rope-way. We can provide unemployed people and add 2-3 people to the ropes, who can control the queue and the parcels. Cafes should work on only takeaways. According to these regulations, athletes can be given an opportunity to train, skier enthusiasts to revive the season and the country's economy to breathe.", declared Keto Beradze, PR manager of "Ambebs Migma".

Founder of SkiGeorgia, Daniel Doinitsin also noted on this matter:

"I do not see any problem with the opening of the winter season if they wish to do so. Remote vision thermal screening can be installed on every ropeway. In the 21st century, we can use online channels and sell tickets online. Digitalizing shall not be a problem, which would ensure winter season opening in a safe way." 

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