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17th century Abulmugi Persian Bath relocated from historical site to a new safe location [VIDEO]
23 September, 2021

The 17th Century Abulmugi Persian Bath has been relocated from its historical site to a new safe location in Kvemo Kartli municipality.

The Sakdrisi Committee presented the renovated cultural heritage monument on September 21.

For the first time in Georgia, a 134-tonne cultural heritage monument was relocated without dismantling. Photo: The Sakdrisi Committee.

The 17th century cultural heritage has been protected by the Sakdrisi Committee since 2014.

As the bath was located in the production area of the gold mining company RMG Gold and was in a grave condition, at the request of the committee urgent fortification works were carried out on the monument in 2018.

Despite the fortification works, the demolition process was not stopped.

With the financial support of RMG Gold (up to 600,000 GEL), the National Agency for Cultural Heritage managed to implement this unprecedented project in Georgia and safely relocated this important monument. Now it has a new location, more accessible for tourists. It has a new life and visitors of Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region can browse its unique beauty”, said a member of the Sakdrisi Committee Nino Burchuladze.

Infrastructure works are currently underway, including greenery, to make the new location even more attractive to tourists.

Without the Sakdrisi Committee’s dedicated work and constant monitoring, the project would not have been so successful. As the Abulmugi Bath was located on our [RMG company’s] production territory, we considered the committee’s request and started working around this project…We are happy to see the result of these works, although it was not easy”, said the Corporate Director of RMG Gold Kakha Mchedlishvili.

The relocation of the 134-tonne bath was completed in August, 2021. Photo: The Sakdrisi Committee.

The selected location and its landscape are fully adapted to the monument so that the content and character of the cultural heritage were not violated.

Volunteers Association Sakdrisi Committee was established in 2014 to protect the oldest gold mine and Sakdrisi- the cultural heritage monument of the category of national importance.

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