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Wine tasting evening with famous winemakers and the widest choice of Georgian wine. Place, which collected more than 900 varieties of wine
13 May, 2022

Georgian wine is one of the most important beverages in the world. After research found that the homeland of wine Georgia, the interest for Georgian wine increased. In popularization of Georgian wine a great contribution make various activities from wine shops, wine producers from different groups or individual winemakers. Evening wine tasting is one of the ways in which they try to introduce their products to customers, to provide more information about the regions where vineyards and cellars are placed, sharing their knowledge and experience about different types and varieties of wine.

"Brand Wine" is one of such places, the owner and director is George Chkhaidze, he often personally hosts guests, shares advices, leads a conversation about a particular beverage, and its origin and, together with wine producers conducts tasting evening. This is his second wine store. The first is in Tbilisi, on Mtskheta Street 48/50, which is functioning since 2019. Since January 2022, a second branch of the store opened a few meters from the central highway of Vake-Saburtalo. In 2023, on the territory of the old Tbilisi, it is planned to open the third branch of Brand Vine.

The 4 -a Brand Vine store located on M. Tamarashvili Street occupies a rather large area of 200 square meters. To date, it contains more than 4,000 bottles of wine and there is up to 900 sort of wine and, of course, among so many products, anyone can find a suitable taste.

Giorgi Chkheidze: - As in the first so in the second store of "Brand Wine" is the largest selection of wines in Tbilisi. The stock is constantly growing. We have to sell up to 900 varieties of wine. This includes, as a factory and the production of small and family cellars, so as vodka, chacha, liqueur, brandy. In our shop collected the best samples of wines and small family wineries. 3 tables were recently added to the store, where guests can enjoy wine and cheese, walnuts, churchkhela and other Georgian food. In both wine stores in total products for 400,000 GEL are stored Thus, in the "Brand Wine" anyone can pick up a drink to taste. Along with a diverse range of products we have affordable prices. Price starts from 14 GEL and the most expensive wine costs 250 GEL. Along with there are 7 varieties of best draft wine in the store. I note that I personally select and buy wine for the shop - I just always take part in this process. We continue to held tasting evenings which we organize two or three times a month.

For example, we recently held a family winery tasting "Ibero" and this tradition will continue. All interested parties can find information about the events of "Brand Wine" on the Facebook page where the details of tasting evenings are announced. During these meetings, talk about wine production are conducted. I wish with those small family wineries tasting evenings to introduce a lot of people with one or another drink, so I advise everyone to come and personally assess our choice. Here I want to add that our family is engaged in the wine-making, we have a small family cellar, both in Tbilisi and in Kakheti. I and my father Akaki Chkhaidze produce wine which, along with others, we have in store. These include: "Manavis Mtsvane", "Aladasturi", "Tavkveri", "Rkatsiteli", "Krakhuna".

If our store visitors will want to meet with the winemakers, I personally take the organization of this event. Our best tour guides took them to the region to visit the cellars of famous wine producers, there on the spot, they will learn about the production of wine and other details. In this way we contribute to the promotion of local and regional tourism. I believe respect for each other's work and support is one of the important ways in the popularization of Georgian wine.

Author: Ana Kalandadze


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