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Visit and learn what the Wine Yard N1 offers you in Kakheti
30 May, 2018

Winemaking, culinary, local folklore, family farming - If you are looking for a similar location, you should visit Wine Yard N1. It is a touristic place in Kakheti, which combines family type Marani (Georgian wine cellar) of three generations, house and yard.

The main intention of the touristic object, which is based on the family concept is to represent Georgian, Kakhetian families and to popularize the local lifestyle.

Wine Yard N1 offers to tourists local dishes and Kvevri (large earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine) wine.

However, only the dishes and tasting the traditional beverage is not enough here...

This place took the responsibility to introduce ethnographic elements of Kakheti. Wine Yard N1 has children's local musical ensemble. In the case of your desire, they will introduce Gerogian dances and even will take for a ride by horses.

In the hosting process, the Wine Yard N1 also included the guest and made this process even more pleasant.

The queen of this place and the author of the idea Tika Dughashvili will guide you through her grandfather’s Marani (Georgian wine cellar) and teach you how to take the wine from the Kvevri with the ladle.

Locally produced Rkatsiteli and Saferavi wine tasting, making and tasting Vodka, baking bread and culinary master classes are inevitable.

This place has a two-storey house and a beautiful yard, its name comes exactly from this yard.

Wine Yard N1 is located 160 kilometers from Tbilisi, in the village of Akhalsopeli, Kvareli region, Kindzmarauli zone. It has the most beautiful view from the balcony, you can see the mountains of the Caucasus. There in the village are historical monuments of V century.

Visiting Wine Yard N1 - Menu and offerings

Wine Yard N1 offers guests the big "bouquet" of tasting:

Three species of wine - Saperavi, Rkatsiteli (Kvevri wine) of this and previous year; Two species of Vodka of Chacha; Mtsvadi on tsalami; Mtsvadi in wine...

The menu is full with the dishes made with family recipes - ham, pork meat with potatoes, extra hot dish from the family; Chakhokhbili (traditional Georgian dish of stewed chicken with fresh herbs) or Shkmeruli (chicken dish from the village of Shkmeri, Racha), new potatoes with dill...

In the menu of course you can find cheese and bread, Tkemali and pickles, salads and Pkhali with the walnut.

Kompot, mineral water, coffee and peppermint tea with honey...

Fruit Assortment by seasons...

Tasting is one, but the second and perhaps more pleasant for tourists is to get involved in preparing dishes - to fry Mtsvadi, bake Khachapuri... The masterpiece of making Mtsvadi and Khachapuri is one of the most popular things here. So, the hosts are ready even for only master classes.

Wine Yard N1 has various offerings, different and overly acceptable prices. It depends only on tourist's opportunities and wishes, because for Tika and her family hospitality is a favorite thing.

If only Wine Yard N1 is not enough for you, then you can ask for a picnic in the valley, at Georgia and Dagestan border - the hosts will offer you to visit historical monuments. They even won't refuse you in Agro destinations, you can get involved in seasonal works - they have predicted everything in advance.

Dugashvili family has a small farm as well, but we'll talk about this a little bit later...


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