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What services guests are offered by the hotel "Wine Castle" - in the hotel cellar, wine tasting and Georgian dishes are held
13 May, 2022

Hotel "Wine Castle", his Georgian interior, friendly staff and due to its own wine cellar is popular by foreign visitors.

For five years, this 4-star hotel (address: Tbilisi, Saburtalo Street Bidzina Kvernadze 31), offers a wide range of services and features for its guests

The hotel of the European standard, includes 33 rooms, both standard and suites.  The interior, decorated with high artistic level and the walls are painted entirely by hand.  The hotel is equipped with satellite TV, wireless internet and international telephone service.  Conference room seats 70 people and is equipped with all necessary office equipment.  Georgian and European dishes are made with the guests tastes.  However, the most important thing in this hotel, which distinguishes it from all and adds zest it is a cellar, where many species of Georgian wine are stored.  At the same time, guests can visit the shop "Brand Vine ', where a wide selection of alcoholic beverages gives an opportunity to choose a suitable and peculiar flavor.

In this same hotel for tourists are helding tastings of wine and national dishes.  The hotel has its own guides and, if desired, the guests accompanied by guides can visit any corner of Georgia.  According to Giorgi Chkhaidze innkeeper, among regions of Georgia leader is Kakheti and often his hotel guests are interest in this region.

Giorgi Chkhaidze:

 - Last 2 years pandemic caused a decrease in the flow of tourists in Georgia.  However, 2022 has started better.  Recently, people started to visit our country, but mainly for business visits, but ahead of the summer season, and I hope that the situation will change for the better.  At this stage, among the guests: the citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.  I hope that in the near future will open the land border between Georgia and Russia, and the guests will be arriving from our neighboring countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.

Many people want to visit our country with their families during the summer.  This will benefit not only the hotel in Tbilisi, but also in the regions, to employ a lot of people.

After  covid regulation have been canceled, we also renewed trips to the regions for our guests.  At this stage, we once again hold a meeting with the wine tasting and Georgian dishes in our hotel cellar.  We traditionally donate wine produced by my family to our visitors.  Women prefer red wine, while men prefer white.

I've said it many times and I repeat it now, that the guests are concerned, the fact that the there is no restrooms  in the capital and in Georgia as a whole.  If we want to be called European, cultured country, this issue should be resolved as soon as possible.  National Tourism Agency of Georgia works hard lot in different directions, but we should pay more attention to  tourism and the hotels as well.  At this stage, the position of the head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration is still vacant, and it remains unclear to everyone why this process is delayed.  I think that the elections should be conducted in a timely manner to the National Tourism Administration headed by a well-versed, experienced personnel in the tourism sector, which will bring together a group of professionals, and all together will try to develop this area.

Author: Ana Kalandadze


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