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Vine tears in bottles and pitchers - a wide choice of spirits The best place for Georgian wine lovers
29 June, 2021
The history of winemaking in Georgia dates back to 8000 and this is a country where vines are worshiped.  The richness of Georgian wines is clearly seen in the store "Brand Wine", which is located at N48 / 50 Mtskheta Street in Tbilisi.  First is the diverse assortment and on the second hand is environment,where you choose the drink you want.  At the entrance of the store, in a cozy, open space arranged for tasting, there is original furniture made of barrels, where you can place and not only taste the desired drink, but also learn about the history of its production.  Enjoy Churchkhela or other Georgian product.
 The interior of the store is hand-painted with a wall painting typical of the vine cult.  On one side the wine racks are decorated with embossed vines, and on the opposite side of the storeroom the vine leaves are carved in wood.  There is also a table full of different wine vessels or items necessary for the production of this drink, the purpose of which will also be gladly introduced to you by the host, Giorgi Chkhaidze, the head of the same shop and hotel "Wine Palace".  He also announces: "In the next 2 years, 2 more branches will be added to the store, and in 2023, in Kakheti, we are planing to open a 3000 tone factory with modern technologies, ."
Giorgi Chkhaidze:  - Wine store "Brand Wine" opened on March 24, 2019.  In the same year we had a hotel "Wine Palace" with many guests.  Tourists were asking where to buy natural wine and that was the reason I no longer postponed the implementation of my 20 year old idea and decided to open a shop. I put all my heart and great energy into arranging the exterior and interior of this store, which is fully loaded with Georgian elements and items.
The store presents more than 540 types of wine, from almost every corner.  I have great respect for the small family wineries in Georgia, with which I am friends and at the same time we cooperate.  I often conduct tastings of small wineries products that make their natural wines popular as for many people as possible and I recommend everyone their drinks.  By supporting each other in this way, I try to promote their work.
We have 7 types of bottled wine, as well as vodka, cognac, liqueur.  It can be said that we have up to 100% of the drinks presented in the Georgian market in our store and here people of all tastes can find the drink they want.  Personally me, I like "Manavi Green", "Tsolikauri" from white wines, and Tariel Lomtadze’s "Khvanchkara" from red sweet wines. I consider "Khashmi Saperavi" to be the king of red wines, which will be grown and harvested directly in this village.  This is crucial as there is a huge difference in flavor.
We consciously try to make the prices of the drink accessible to all consumers, therefore the price of 1 bottle of wine starts from 10 GEL and ranges up to 240 GEL.  We do not work on consignment, we buy all the products directly from the winemaker and the money is transferred to the supplier on the same or the next day.
I would also like to mention that our family is engaged in wine production.  My ancestors were famous winemakers,  pitchers and various wines were used to make be grandparents: Shio Kacharava and Varden Chkhaidze.  We often got guests in the family.  Warm, friendly and loving evenings were held.  Georgian traditional toasts were heard.  The grandchildren were spinning there too, and it all lingered in my mind.  Today my father Akaki Chkhaidze and I tend the vineyards and make wine.  From our production are presented in the store: Manavi green, Tavkveri and soon Rkatsiteli will be added.  To the guests entering the store, I personally  guide them.  The best buyers are Russians who know the taste and aroma of our wine.  Georgian wine is sold a little in Europe.  In terms of sales, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Russia is in first place and will remain so.  I hope everything will return to normal soon.
Author: Ana Kalandadze

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