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Tbilisi or Kutaisi - this is a constant dispute, Georgia has 2 capitals or one
18 May, 2018

Tbilisi or Kutaisi - this is a constant dispute, Georgia has 2 capitals or one. Where was the first poem born, where the first Georgian soul was singing?

City, where "the jacket is a philosophy", may be you remember the phrases of the characters of the Georgian movie "Unusual Exhibition". To understand the philosophy of Picasso's boy, it's not enough to go through the white bridge only once. They say that the bridge has built Eiffel Tower similar material.

There are many loving, tragic and comic legends about this bridge and the city. It is very delightful city, likes to surprise the guests, that is why there are so many tourists in Kutaisi. The hotels have increased as well. I would like to talk about the most outstanding one of them.

I would like to talk about "Best Western Kutaisi", which is the only branded hotel in Kutaisi, where the most respected guests are taken. You even don't need to choose the view, because every side of the hotel you can see a city-museum.

During Chamomile festival "Best Western Kutaisi" hosted the diplomatic corps and other members of festival.

The complex has bigger space for feasts, on the first floor there is café and the restaurant on 6th, which also has an open terrace.

In the menu you will read many "unknown words". It's not possible to present the different dishes with traditional names. It's European, but Georgian as a restaurant chef cooker Errbie Gonzalez, he is Spanish, but Georgian at the same time.

Duck Chikhirtma, Duck Wrap, chocolate volcano - Gonzalez is so fascinated by Georgian cuisine that from European dishes he makes Georgian ones. Foreign tourists have not noticed this transformation yet, but gourmets from Kutaisi have discovered that, they often visit the restaurant. They don't eat Khinkali by the Michelin time, but they can notice extra concentration in julienne cream as good as extra clove in Satsivi.

Chamomile festival comes from Europe as well. From the beginning of the 20th century, when the progressive society of that time was trying to be equal to Europe. The massive event in May was for helping the patients, who had tuberculosis. Also it was a wonderful sight - a boulevard full of flowers full of flowers.

In nowadays nobody walks with tail coat and lace dresses in Mukhnari wood, but they still love the glittering things.

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