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Spend Sweet November with Your Sweetheart in Georgia Palace
09 November, 2018

The cold-covered autumn season is coming to an end. People who like sun and warmth try to spend golden November days in a special way and get their last portion of sunshine to meet winter in full armor. The period of transitional colours is often referred to as Sweet November and has a special meaning for couples.

To make the month of November truly sweet and memorable, Georgia Palace has a special offer for couples.
For only $110 you can spend an unforgettable day with your loved one in a magic environment.

Kobuleti is located in the part of the Black Sea coastline that combines a lot of medicinal properties.

At this time of the year the hotel is especially beautiful. In the garden surrounding it with centuries-old trees and plants you can see how the green of the summer transitions into golden colours and gets ready for the white-haired winter. There are a lot of plants in the garden that you might have never seen anywhere before. Silver firs, magnolias, palms, and coniferous plants create a wonderful display of diverse colours.

Besides the impressive nature, the place has a unique micro climate. The coastline with medicinal properties has been studied and researched on the scientific level. The sea is deeper than the standard, while the combination of sea and mountain air has a positive impact on people with cardiovascular diseases. Besides cardiologic diseases, the climate positively affects the peace of mind and decreases stress.

Couples who decide to spend a night of Sweet November here, are in for unforgettable impressions.

Within the autumn sale, the hotel offers a comfortable room with a wide balcony, where you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the sea. Also, for more comfort and creation of a magic atmosphere, in the morning you will be served breakfast in the room.
If you knew what delicious dishes they make here, you’d definitely never say no to this. Healthy, natural bio products are used. Based on the Georgian hospitality, the main direction is the traditional cuisine, in a delightful mix with European dishes. The hotel has a special focus on healthy nutrition and healthy menu, to keep guests always satisfied.

It is with these healthy food products that your evening dinner will be made for a romantic end of the day. You will also get a glass of sparkling red wine, so that drunk on emotions you become a little bit more carefree and enjoy these happy moments.
But before you reach the end of the day you have all the activities of the hotel at your service. A territory of 41,760 sq. m, with a large area dedicated to a centuries-old garden and a bamboo alley, has a number of entertainment and sports activities – an outdoor pool with salty water in the garden, tennis and basketball grounds, a mini golf ground, bicycles, table tennis, an indoor pool, a gym and a sauna. Everything is at your service – every activity described above is a part of the hotel offer, and comes absolutely for free.

But of course it doesn’t end here. Georgia Palace spa, famous for its numerous services, offers you and your loved one a massage session – and don’t forget, this is free too!

Special procedures for body health, relaxation, metabolism improvement, body correction provided by the spa will give you the possibility to detox your body and feel much younger and energetic.

Surprises from Georgia Palace don’t finish here. It’s your turn now to grab your loved one by the hand and organize an unforgettable weekend in a magic place, discover even more pleasant offers from the hotel staff and make sure that heaven on earth indeed exists.

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