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Privileges that the hotel "Wine Palace" offers to its guests - George Chkhaidze predicts an increase of tourist flow in the summer.
29 May, 2023

At present, there are many hotels throughout Tbilisi that try to offer visitors maximum comfort and a variety of services.  However, it is probably difficult to find a place where hotel guests could visit the cellar and taste alcoholic beverages at any time of the day or night.  The place that adds charm to the hotel - the wine cellar, it stores many varieties of Georgian wine, and everyone can find a unique taste for it.

According to the owner and director of the hotel George Chkhaidze, the tradition that distinguishes the Wine Palace hotel from others continues, and drinks are provided to all its guests free of charge and without restrictions, 24 hours a day.  These are 3 types of alcoholic beverages: wine, vodka and cognac.  Also, the residents of the hotel have the opportunity to taste 7 types of wine produced by George and his father - Akaki Chkhaidze.  In the same hotel, wine tastings and national dishes are organized for tourists, and the daily main menu consists of Georgian-European dishes, which are prepared according to the taste of guests.

George Chkhaidze also says that hotel guests have the opportunity to visit his wine shops.  First Brand Wine store is located at 48/50 Mtskheti Street, and in 2022 a second Brand Wine store opened at 4a Tamarashvili Street.  About 1,500 types of alcoholic beverages, both bottled and draft, are presented on this rather large-scale space.

Therefore, the Wine Palace has been popular with foreign visitors since 2017.  This 4-star hotel is located in one of the central districts of the capital, Saburtalo, on 31 Bidzina Kvernadze Street, and is easily accessible both on foot and by car, as well as for passengers using various modes of transport.

The hotel has 33 rooms, both standard and suites, corresponding to European standards.  The walls in the interior, decorated at a high artistic level, are completely hand-painted.  The hotel is provided with satellite TV, wireless internet and international telephone connection.  It has a conference room for 70 people, equipped with all necessary office equipment.  The hotel has its own guides, and if you wish, you can go with them to any corner of Georgia.

George Chkhaidze:

- In terms of tourism, our country takes one of the most important places in the world.  Everyone notes that we are outstanding, hospitable people in Central Asia, and this is one of the reasons for their interest in our country.

Since May of this year, guests have been visiting Tbilisi hotels.  We expect that the flow of tourists will increase because many people want to visit our country during the summer season.  Not only Tbilisi hotels will benefit from this, but also the regions, and many people will be employed.  We are glad that air communication between Russia and Georgia has been restored.  Currently there are 2 flights a week and we hope it will be added more.  1 million of our citizens live in Russia.  In addition, many people want to come to Georgia from different cities of Russia.  For example, from Siberia, where we used to have many guests.  My friends live in Irkutsk, they have been wanting to come to Georgia for a long time.  It takes 5 hours from Irkutsk to Moscow, and after the addition of the Moscow-Tbilisi flight, it will become easier for them and many other people to get from one country to another.  Also, flights from Kazakhstan will be restored in the near future and 7 flights to Georgia will be operated a week.  We hope that this step will help attract tourists with purchasing power, and we will be joined by guests from neighboring countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.

In addition to the services I have already mentioned, since its opening, the Wine Palace Hotel has been organizing trips to different regions of Georgia for its guests, accompanied by highly qualified guides, and if desired, we organize trips to this day.  For example, this year 300 guests traveled in Kakheti from my hotel.  We have single and multi-day tours, and if guests stay overnight in this region, it is also important for local business.  With these steps we help each other.

Finally, I want to tell you that our rating on Booking is 9.6.  Such a rather high figure indicates that the "Wine Palace" is very popular.  We do our best to maintain this standard and look forward to more guests in the future.

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